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Valorie Emilio
Valorie Emilio completed her BA at CSULB majoring in Middle Eastern History, including specialty courses at Grace Brethren and Biola. She earned her MA at UCLA in History majoring in Middle East Studies and Religions.

In addition to her academic work, Valorie has had an extensive career as a professional musician and teacher for 30 years. A concert flutist by training, she has performed with many orchestras and professional groups in the United States.

Valorie is Co-Founder and Editor of the Remnant Report.

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Ken Emilio
Ken Emilio is contributing editor to the Remnant Report. His business career spans 30 years as the CEO of several small companies specializing in chemical engineering and environmental sciences for industry. He holds degrees in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies. His present focus is organizing, sponsoring and equipping Bible studies in Southern Oregon. He also teaches chapels at the Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission.

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We believe and teach that Holy Scripture is the special revelation by God to humanity. The Bible teaches us about God and His plan for the reconcilliation of the world to Him through His Son Jesus Christ.

In all matters the Bible is our final authority, instructing us how we are to live our lives. This puts God and Christ at our center and our fellow man above ourselves. This is the essence of a Judeo-Christian World View.

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We acknowledge and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as revealed to us in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. We believe and teach that God exists, and is the creative force in the universe. He is intimately involved in our lives, actually holding our very atoms together.

We believe that God is a good and a just God. We believe and teach that God is absolute ruler, demanding from each of us obedience to His laws. Laws which are there for the benefit of all humanity.

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"Finitum Non-Capax Infinitum" - The Finite Cannot Contain the Infinite

We acknowledge that finite beings cannot hope to grasp a full understanding of our Infinite God. Thus we approach this topic confessing that we will not get it completely right. That said, we affirm the doctrine of the Triune God as taught in Trinitarian Theology. That is, the Trinity is comprised of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - each being fully God. This is called the "ontological Trinity." God the Father, Son and Spirit are one in nature and substance. At the same time, within God there exist three distinct persons, evidenced by their dealings with creation, as revealed in Scripture. This is called the "economical Trinity." Each member of the Trinity performs different functions in creation, salvation, and redemptive history. The essence or nature of God must not be confused with the works of God. Who God is, differs from What God does.." Confused? "Finitum Non-Capax Infinitum" This is not a cop-out, simply an admission of our limitations.

We deny Arianism - which states that the Son was created and is not equal with the Father. We deny Subordiantionism - which teaches that the Son is subordinate to the Father, divine but not equal. We deny the Oneness Doctrines, sometimes referred to as Modalism - which teaches the Father is One, but manifests Himself in three different forms or modes as Father, Son and Spirit.

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Everyone has a worldview. Like it or not, we all see the world and our place in it from a perspective that we have developed over our lifetimes.

There are two major kinds of worldviews. The Biblical and Humanist. The Humanist view holds that man is the judge of what is right and wrong.

The Biblical Worldview holds that God and the Bible are the final authority and that mankind must submit to that authority.

Every serious Christian and Jew must decide which worldview he/she will hold and then set about deliberately to strengthen that worldview.

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God comes to earth in real time and space in the physical form of the man Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus was and is, the expected Jewish Messiah predicted in the Old and documented in the New Testaments.

Jesus is the Word, the communication from God by which He created all things and is presently holding all things together.

His coming to earth, His work on the cross, and future return are part of His creative work and plan of reconciling creation to Himself after the fall.

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The Church is a spiritual body made up of those people who believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15:1-4). The Church was established by Jesus to have an intimate relationship with Him (i.e. His bride)and to carry out His work. Its official beginning was at Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21).

The Church is separate from Israel and does not replace Israel. Israel and the Church have separate and unique destinies in God's plan for reconciling the creation to Himself. (Romans Chap. 9,10 & 11).

The Church's primary function here on earth is the obedience to the commandments of Jesus Christ. These include worship sharing the Gospel of Christ to the world conforming to the character of Jesus who is our example by letting His Holy Spirit change us The Church is commanded to encourage and train God's people through the teaching of God's Word and by living in fellowship together.

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All of us are made in the image of God. Like God, we can love and weep. We can judge between good and evil. God gives us everything pertaining to life. He gave us free will, but we use that freedom to turn from Him. All people are broken, and they know it. We recognize that things ought to be better and yet do not know how to get there. We are unable to measure up to the perfection that a Holy God demands. So God in His grace gives us help in the form of Jesus Christ. It is only through the process of becoming like the perfect Son of Man, that we can realize completion and unity with the God of the universe.

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Israel is the Covenant Land which God claimed as His own, and for which He granted a Title Deed to the Children of Israel - specifically the Jewish people. God's Covenant with the Jews is irrevocable, for His part, and He will fully restore the physical land to the Jews and restore them spiritually to Himself through Messiah their King.

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Questions submitted to RemnantReport come from many sources. We teach as many as 4 Bible studies per week and have been doing so for the past 10 years. We have also been foster parents to 11 children over the years. So it is not a matter of too few questions but too many. The questions we post are sometimes direct inquiries, letters and e-mails. We also form composite questions from multiple sources asking similar questions. Others are gleaned from printed and broadcast media, study groups,family and friends to whom we want to respond and which may be of interest to our readers.

Q&A's are edited and depersonalized in order to maintain privacy except when we receive permission to give attribution. We also reserve the right to use pseudonyms when deemed appropriate or prudent, and this, at our discretion. However if you ask a question and want your name posted we will be happy to do so using only first and last initials with your town and State.

So, we encourage you to ask away, but please remember we are just like you...with more questions than answers!

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One of the primary missions of Remnant Report is to organize, equip, support and encourage small group Bible studies in Southern Oregon. Our studies are designed to help those who are serious about studying the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. The studies and materials offered are indepth and comprehensive. We make a distinction between Bible Studies and prayer groups. We encourage prayer groups and fellowships, however our primary emphasis is the study of God's Word and we organize our groups accordingly.

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We do not accept Higher Critical Method as valid or scientific in the study of scripture. We do not accept the adoption of a historical or accomodating Jesus devoid of the miraculous. We acknowlege textual critcism when applied in helping us understand the historical and cultural circumstances in which the authors lived. But remembering that no scripture is solely of men, but of the Holy Spirit of God who is the true author of the texts. (II Pet. 1:20-21).

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Remnant Report is an independent information and news gathering service which makes comment on current events and theological issues which confront the Church and society. As such we consider ourselves members of the Press with full rights granted under the U.S. Constitution. Our articles and materials are designed for educational purposes in our Bible study groups. All opinions expressed on our website are those of the authors or commentators and not necessarily the opinions of Remnant Report.

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