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Quick-frozen Mammoth

Q. How do creation scientists account for the quick freeze of a baby mammoth found in Siberia with tropical vegetation still in its mouth?


There are several theories regarding this find. One of my favorites is that in order for the mammoth to have undigested vegetation in his stomach, it is thought he had to be completely frozen within one hour or less. This would have required a freezer set at around minus 300 degrees F.

Deep Impact

What could cause such a hostile condition? Perhaps something like an ice meteor struck the earth's atmosphere around the time that Noah was loading the last animal onto the ark. (By the way, for an entertaining look at how "Noah's Ark" would be practical in order to preserve biological life forms through the effects of a worldwide catastrophic event, watch the movie Deep Impact).

Vapor Canopy

Prior to the flood the bible notes that a mist rose up from the earth and provided water for vegetation. This could be because the earth was encased in a vapor canopy. Who knows?

Possibly the angle of the earth on its axis might have been a perfect 90 degrees to the sun. Theoretically this would have provided tropical conditions all over the earth. Note that scientists recently discovered that tropical plant life once existed on the North and South poles as well. Interesting factoid.

Pole Shift

However, when the theorized ice meteor struck the vapor canopy, perhaps it broke down and fell upon the earth as rain for 40 days and nights. Theoretically because ice becomes magnetic at minus 300 degrees, this would have buried the mammoth freezing him in less than an hour. The unbalanced weight at the poles might have also caused a pole shift which would have caused the tectonic plates to shift as well.

There are other theories. But, this one makes a lot of sense to me.

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