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Holiday Shopping Alternatives
For a Strict Budget   

Q. If we shouldn't involve our families in holiday shopping sprees or in anything assisting globalists and their worldview, then what can we do? My children love the shopping mall, Christmas decorations, and stores at Christmas.


Summary of Globalist Agenda

This is a good question with no easy answers. But first, for our readers we are dealing with the issue of a global economy run by elitists. Many of these elitists are owners and CEOs of huge transnational corporations who hire slave labor in China, South America, and India. They have removed jobs from Americans and are forcing us into poorer conditions.

Consumer Clones&Debt Junkies

Globalists are causing millions upon millions of job losses in America through outsourcing, even while they encourage you and me to become consumer clones and debt junkies.

They encourage us to become enslaved to debt with our credit cards and home equity loans (which is now ending for most Americans) through their relentless advertising which purposely promotes greed, envy, and intense competition.

Because of envy and greed, they keep us buying their products made cheaply in 3rd World sweatshop factories. By the way, these elitists call their agenda the "New Economic World Order!"

We need to do everything in our power to remove ourselves from propaganda that would take us away from true, biblical values.

Our Position

Due to this and the fact that most stores have removed anything having to do with the "reason for the season," we rarely shop in stores which have removed the words, "Merry Christmas," Christmas carols, or other silly things that degrade our faith.

Voice of the Martyrs&World Vision

Instead, this year we have chosen to donate to World Vision and Voice of the Martyrs - who send gift cards to those whose names you list. Gift-card recipients know that you have purchased donations in their names.

Voice of the Martyrs
P.O. Box 443
Bartlesville, OK 74005-0443
Orders: (800) 747-0085
Web site: www.persecution.com

World Vision
P.O. Box 70359
Tacoma, WA 98481-0359


Okay. So what else can Christian families do about it? Here is a short list of a few practical suggestions and ideas:

1. Engage your children in local church activities such as Christmas plays, sports, and fun trips.

2. Involve your children in sports, music lessons, and special hobbies. Don't forget to teach them to read! Reading is becoming a lost art.

3. Get to know home schooled families who have already learned alternative activities for their children.

4. Show special holiday videos to your families such as, It's A Wonderful Life.

5. Bake cookies and healthy breads for gifts. Make pots or plant holders, or personally signed ceramic coffee cups for gifts.

6. Avoid shopping malls, Wal-Mart, and the Dollar Store except for absolute necessities such as medications, some cleaning supplies, some clothing items, and some foods. (It is unfair to ask everyone to boycott these stores completely when finances are tight).

7. Shop at Salvation Army stores, thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales. Some of you ladies are really good at this! Please share your talents with others. Teach the kids how to value-shop.

8. Teach your children how to sell or buy things on EBay or Amazon. According to Richard Maybury of Early Warning Report, exchanging goods will become a new currency as our dollar becomes more and more worthless.

9. Let your children get involved in helping to support your local charities such as soup-kitchens, rescue missions and battered women's shelters. Children feel good when they actively help their communities. Allow your children to see firsthand what it is like to be poor.

10. Use credit cards for gas or to support local-owned stores only. Be discriminating in your use of credit cards.

11. Buy local when possible. This includes buying produce from farmer's markets, and local beef, chicken, and fish. It also includes frequenting local restaurants&businesses.

12. Support local repair shops such as shoe-repair stores, vacuum cleaner repairs, washing machine and dryer repairs, etc.

13. Involve your family in memorizing valuable Scripture such as:

"The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender" (Proverbs 22:7, ESV).

Here is one for the globalists:

"Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty" (Proverbs 22:16, ESV).

Please send us your thoughts and suggestions. We will add them here.

Think About It

Finally, why would we want to buy things from organizations that strip Christmas and Easter of their true meaning, but are perfectly willing to take your money to buy their empty goods?


Recommended Reading:

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Simon, Arthur. 2003. How much is enough? Hungering for God in an affluent culture. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books. (ed. All royalties from this book go to "Bread for the World." www.bread.org.

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