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Evolutionary Facts or Fiction?

Q. Everyone with half a brain knows evolution is a fact. Living things even look alike in their embryonic stages. How can you be so dumb? How narrow-minded you are! Do you realize that your Sunday school kids will look plain silly and stupid by the time they sit in their college classes?


Common Design

Your theory of all creatures looking alike in their embryonic stages is called "Common Design." The argument claims that like design of systems within animals prove they all evolved from a common ancestor. For example, evolutionists point to gills, a tail and a yolk sac in every fetus.

Now Who Looks Dumb?

Take a closer look:

Modern scientists found that those "gill slits" developed into the canals which became an inner ear. The "tail" became the tailbone to which muscles attached. The "yolk sac" was the origin of the embryo's first blood cells.

This would be laughable if atheists didn't make it such a hateful obsession!

God's Efficiency

Just because our Creator God is efficient in His design of all living creatures who thrive on this particular planet does not mean that all fetuses evolved the same way or are alike. It just so happens that the heart, lungs, intestines, brain, liver and kidneys are organs that provide the best working systems on a planet with oxygen, sunlight, water, foods and other elements - because they were designed that way.

Irreducible Complexity

All living things contain a number of interacting, complex systems or factories that will not work if they evolve one part at a time. All parts had to develop together.

The design of an eye is a good example. It has numerous parts that simultaneously contribute to sight. If even a tiny part of the eye's system is removed there will be no ability to see. This interworking of efficient systems is called "irreducible complexity." It defies the idea of evolutionary processes.

DNA Programming

Furthermore, DNA is programmed into all living things. DNA carries genetic information within each cell. It determines your eye color, body size and shape, intelligence, and everything else about you.

Shockingly, "there is enough information in each human cell to store the Encyclopedia Britannica - all 30 volumes - three or four times over" (Rhodes 2007).

DNA is an incredibly complex digital, self-replicating, error-correcting code (Missler 1999, 307). Its complexity astounds and baffles even the most ardent evolutionist.

DNA Allows for Adaptation

Most intelligent people understand that complex codes such as DNA cannot evolve by themselves through chance and time. DNA does allow for adaptation up to a point - such as living things that may adapt to colder weather or tropical environs.

We observe lions, tigers and domestic cats within one feline grouping. There are wolves and domestic dogs within the canine grouping. But, they reproduce "after their kind" as the Bible proclaims all along (see Genesis 1:24-25). DNA (or reproducing after "kinds") does not allow species to transform themselves into other species given enough time - such as a bird into a cat over millions of years.

If you think about it, believing that a bird evolves into a cat is pretty silly. Even kids have enough sense to ask where the half birds and half cats are living in our world. Do you see any? Where are the part apes and part men living on earth? Indeed, scientists can't even find the mutated fossils!

Destructive Mutations

Besides, there is no such thing as a favorable mutation, either. Mutated things break down. Mutations are destructive. They don't cause evolution from simple to complex systems. To the contrary, they cause things to break down and self-destruct.

Furthermore, mutations are not inherited by offspring with the exception of a few bacteria. In addition, there would have to be numerous mutated systems for a mechanism to functionally work. It is the presence of cooperative systems which baffle evolutionists.

Now please tell me: who is really naive and narrow minded?

Spontaneous Generation

Spontaneous generation used to be taught as a fact by evolutionists. This was because leaving a pot of stew uncovered "spontaneously generated" lots of living critters after just a few hours or days. (So does dung). Okay…maybe this is an oversimplification. But, if this is the kind of "science" you want your kids to learn - go for it!

I don't believe it's our Sunday School children who look ridiculous!

Men Don't Want Accountability before God

The discovery of the DNA code and the existence of Irreducible Complexity should have put an end to this discussion a long time ago.

However, men are determined to reject God because they do not wish to be accountable for their negative emotions, behaviors and actions. Never mind that "wishing" something is not true does not make it so. One can "wish" with all his might that there is no God or judgment of men - but wishing won't change things.

Therefore, discussions with evolutionists are usually fruitless. This is why teacher Jack Kelley says that he suspects "Charles Darwin and Karl Marx are probably ardent creationists today - although uncomfortably so!"




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