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Prayer Distractions

Q. How do people pray? For some reason I just can't concentrate when I pray. There are too many things distracting me every few seconds. Do you have any suggestions to help me? Thanks.


Living in a 30 Second Sound-Bite World

That's a good question. Thanks for having the courage to ask it. Most of us lack concentration when we pray, and this is a common problem. We live in what we call a 30-second sound bite world where T.V. advertisements and programs bombard us with changing, flashing images, and where people excel in "multi-tasking." No wonder we can't concentrate when we pray.

Trained as Consumer Clones&Debt Junkies

We have been trained from day-one not to concentrate. We have been especially "dumbed-down" in American culture and taught to be consumer clones and debt junkies. None of the world-forces want Americans to "think." They want us to "buy." Period…

We are made Slaves to Lenders

If this is hard to believe, just look at how we were all "programmed" for at least a decade to take out ridiculously expensive mortgages on outrageously expensive homes, and to rack up tons of credit card debt. Then…all of a sudden the credit is tightened, and we are all slaves to the lenders (see Proverbs 22:7).

Keeping Prayer Journals

To help us overcome this problem of brainwashing and many distractions when we try to pray, many of us keep a prayer journal. We hand write our prayers the old-fashioned way.

But, you can also do this with a computer writing program. There are several software programs available at your local Christian bookstore that help believers to study the bible and keep prayer records.

The Prayer Matrix

Journaling prayers give us a surprising record of God's answers and insights. David Jeremiah says the strongest reason God wants us to pray is that "God hard-wired the universe so that He works mostly through our prayers. At the split second we pray, we become part of the most powerful force in the universe" (Jeremiah 2004, 44).

So, we suggest you buy a journal or software program to help with your prayer life and watch the awesome answers to prayer God provides in your life.


Jeremiah, David. 2004. The prayer matrix. Sisters, OR: Multnomah.

Munroe, Myles. 2002. Understanding the purpose and power of prayer. New Kensington, PA: Whitaker House. (Comment: Munroe is a popular charismatic Christian who has written a good book on prayer).

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