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Cave Men
Apes or Men?   

Q.Who were the cave men? Did they evolve or were they created earlier than man? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)


Fascinating question!

Falsified Data

I don't have any problems with the existence or proof of so-called "cave men." After the worldwide flood men may have been subject to relentless radiation as the once protective water-vapor canopy was destroyed (assuming it existed). It may have caused the "de-evolution" of a once superior breed of humans. In other words, what we now observe as mankind may have been a better species prior to the flood. The flood and its aftereffects may have resulted in cave men.

However, be careful before accepting the "wisdom" or findings of many of our secular scientists. Many of their "experts" have been caught in so many lies they have sometimes proved themselves untrustworthy.

In their quest to provide intermediate fossil records they have been found to sometimes falsify the data and their conclusions. This type of falsification borders on desperation! In their frantic quest to disprove creationism once and for all, and the implications of being accountable before God, has made them sometimes act a little "crazy." Beware.

Lies in Textbooks

Furthermore, once some of these scientists have been "caught" in lies, the editors of kids' science-textbooks continue to post the lies! Many of our children's science textbooks are fifty or more years behind the times. Therefore, we encourage parents to supplement their children's science education with up-to-date textbooks and videos.


One example is Neanderthal Man. Recent DNA evidence shows that Neanderthal Man was not human at all. The genetic research has shown that Neanderthal Man was a bipedal primate (ape) who used tools - as do several animals - and built shelters - as do beavers, birds, and bees.

Did you hear about that? (I doubt it).

Piltdown Man

Piltdown man (Eoanthropus) was a clear hoax made from a human skull cap and an orangutan's jaw. It was "stained" to look old. For forty years evolutionary scientists "proved" their theories with this fraud.

Did you hear about this one? (Nope…)

Nebraska Man

Nebraska man (Hesperopithecus) was based on the lone tooth of a pig which only exists in Paraguay. Hmmm…


Remember Lucy? Recent research shows that Lucy and finds like her are not transitional humans at all. "Australopithecus afarensis" are closest to the pygmy chimpanzee!

Have you seen this newest finding in your child's recent science textbook? Probably not.

Homo Habilis

The "Homo habilis" became known as a junk category. These so-called transitional men consist of little pieces of other types - such as Australopithecus and Homo erectus. Therefore it is an "invalid taxon" and such creatures never existed! (Batton 2000, 127).


Some of the so-called "ape-men" are now known to be humans who suffered from rickets or arthritis. They were fully human, could speak languages, and were artistic and religious.

Water Canopy or Ice Rings

Continuing from our first paragraph, there is minor disagreement among creationists about the origins of cave men. It is possible that some of these discoveries will be found to be pre-flood humans who lived extremely long lives.

Oxygen Levels Higher

The oxygen levels were higher before the flood possibly due to a vapor canopy surrounding the earth, or due to ice rings sheltering living organisms from the sun's radiation. Earlier mankind may have been afflicted with more extreme arthritis and stooped conditions because they lived so long.


Another possibility is that we will learn some of these finds are from hybrid creatures called the "Nephilim." Many had six-fingers and toes and were gigantic (well over 7 feet tall). The existence of six-fingered men is why some Native American tribal groups raised their hand to greet strangers. It was to show that they were not descended from the evil Nephilim.

(See Genesis chapter 6, Deuteronomy 3:10, 1 Chronicles 20:4-8 and Numbers 13:30 for biblical information about the giants and Nephilim).

Violent Cataclysms

The very existence of fossil records resulted from extreme, violent cataclysms. The pressure and upheavals necessary to produce fossil records are unimaginable.

When Mt. St. Helens erupted we learned that fossil records can be made quickly and violently. The blast caused immediate fossil records made of living creatures close to the eruptions. So much for the billions of years it took to produce all fossil records!

Were you informed about quick fossil records?

DNA Programming

DNA is programmed into all living things. It should have put evolutionary theory to bed decades ago. Just because God's design of living things is efficient does not mean that all living things evolved from a common ancestry. DNA programs allow for adaptation and micro evolution. But, it does not allow species to transform themselves into other species - such as a bird into a cat. The Bible calls it reproducing after "kinds."

"Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds - livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds" (Genesis 1:24, ESV).

Don't be Gullible

There are lots of wonderful science materials available for you and your children. Make sure the educational materials are accurate and make sense! God gave us brains to think - not to gullibly accept the ridiculous conclusions of godless, atheistic "scientists" who start with an anti-theistic worldview.


Aware that evolutionary theory is on its way out, some evolutionists are putting forth the idea that aliens "seeded" the earth with living organisms. They call this "Panspermia." Now who is being silly and backwards in their thinking?

Seeds from UFOs? C'mon…

Anything but ABC (Anything but Christianity)!


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The author of this question, Jeffrey Mays, passed away in 2007. He was Valorie Emilio's brother and he is missed! Jeff asked at least 40 great questions of Remnant Report and is the reason behind the founding of the website. Valorie holds an MA in history from UCLA and teaches and writes for the Gospel Rescue Mission in Grants Pass, Oregon, where her husband serves as Director.

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