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Judgmental Fearful Site

Q. Remnant Report is full of the usual Christian fear and judgments. Your "Christian news" headlines scream fear. Fear the "bird flu." Fear Pakistan. Fear India and Hinduism.

…I found the Paula White article very interesting. I in no way will argue or defend Paula White. But for you to pass judgment on her for her "picture-perfect slim, trim, model-like, well dressed, perfectly made-up" attire, is far from a Christian viewpoint.

Secondly, you go on to defend Joyce Meyer. Were you aware that Joyce Meyer has had plastic surgery, her ministry, on board with husband and children, own a private jet, multi million homes and 6 digit luxury cars. I challenge you to look into Joyce Meyer's "ministry."

These alone are not why I am a former believer. My greatest betrayals came in the name of Christ. I was raised as a Catholic by my mom. My dad, an atheist, was the one who taught me about love, tolerance and to be non judgmental.

I believe you are a Christian who is trying to do the right thing. But from a non-believers viewpoint, I have learned that many Christians use fear and judgment for their own good, and to stroke their own egos.


Remnant Report News from K House

Thanks for your comments and questions. Please understand that our "Remnant Report" news comes from Koinonia House (khouse.org).

Naturally, we do not choose the content. But, most of the news and articles on our website are addressed to Christians - not to atheists.

So, yes, it does "scream fear." We are trying to wake-up complacent church members to the problems of this world so they will not live in isolated shells!

Paula White's Biblical Standards?

I don't care for Paula White because she calls herself a preacher, but does not "preach" according to biblical standards most of the time. We base our guidelines on portions of the books of Timothy and Titus which deal with false teachers and preaching and what constitutes a true, biblical preacher.


I will listen to lectures about dieting, exercise, and so forth (I need it as much as anyone else). But, I won't listen to someone who says they are "preaching" the bible and then focus upon dieting, exercise, money, and issues which they do not reference biblically.


Please understand - To be a loving "Christian" does not mean I set aside careful discrimination or discernment concerning those we listen to or read regarding faith issues.

False Teachers

1 Corinthians 5:9-13 tells us that Christians need to judge other Christians - but not the "world." That means we must discern between "false teachers" and genuine teachers.

Alternative to Psychiatry

I am aware that Joyce Meyer had plastic surgery, owns a jet, luxury clothes, and expensive homes. I don't necessarily approve of this.

However, she does use God's Word to help women to cope with problems - very effectively. That's one reason she is so popular - her teachings "work" with the help of God's Holy Spirit.

She is an effective alternative to psychiatry and therefore, in my opinion, offers a terrific service. To date, no one else helps with relationship issues as effectively as Joyce Meyer.

Hand of Hope Ministry

Meyer has built hospitals and apartments for victims of the 2004 tsunami, for the Katrina victims, and hospitals and schools for Cambodians through her "Hand of Hope" Ministry among other charitable works.

To date, from what we know - Paula White has been self-serving. Joyce Meyer contributes millions to the poor. As far as Meyer's wealth is concerned she will have to stand before the Lord and account for her own behaviors in due time - just like you or me.

No Absolutes Absolutely!

There is no question that there are fine, caring atheists - I know a few. However, there are also extremely judgmental atheists, too. For one thing, few atheists are tolerant of my faith (in fact, none, so far).

For example, my atheist friends insist that I should have no "absolutes" in my life. Yet, consider this: In order for my atheist friends to be truly, sincerely tolerant, shouldn't they allow me to believe in Christianity? Aren't they stating an "absolute" by telling me I should have no absolutes? Absolutely?

Historical Fact - Not People

Finally, is Christianity false because your religious mother was hateful or because your atheist father was a loving, caring man?

Shouldn't Christianity stand on its own merit? Shouldn't the evidences for Christianity be based upon what constitutes historical fact and testimonies rather than upon the lives of fallible people?

Changes Made

By the way, after reading your comments I decided to remove some statements in my article, "Biblical Feminism." I hadn't reread this article in several years and thought some of your comments were useful and valid. Later, when I have time I will revise the comment about "picture-perfect, slim" Paula because I think very highly of several thin, blonde, model-like women! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Looks are not the issue!

Please write to us again if you have other suggestions. We welcome constructive criticism as well as emotional support.

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