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News Sources

Q. I read some of your questions and answers and have wondered what you recommend for good news sources? (S.N.)


Good, practical question! This is something we are constantly updating for ourselves and Bible Study students. We welcome your input if you find something you'd like to share, too.

No "Investigative Reporting" Anymore

There are so many news sources out there that it is difficult to decide on just 3 or 4. But, since the news is generally biased it is important to look over several news sources for your information.

Remember, reporters don't search out the "truth" or present just the "facts" anymore. Very few are skilled in investigative reporting like they used to teach in journalism classes. Instead, reporters are "readers." They read the reports of those who shape our opinions.

So we need to be careful NOT to exclusively watch Fox News or PBS television broadcasts. Learn to incorporate alternate news sources such as the internet and investigative publications into your information pool.

Various News Sources

At the current time here is what we recommend for international news, persecuted church news, Israeli and Arabic news, and human rights issues:


1. General/International News:

BBC News - www.bbc.co.uk

CNN News - www.cnn.com.

2. Christian/Jewish News:

Bos News Life - www.bosnewslife.com. A Budapest based world news source about Christian &Jewish issues, struggles and persecution.

Worthy News - www.worthynews.com. Divided into International news, Israel&Middle East news, U.S. specific news, and Christian persecution news.

3. Israeli Intelligence:

DEBKA news source - www.debka.com.

4. Islamic/Middle East News:

Al Jazeera News - www.aljazeera.net. (Be cautious - Two of our sources say that English-based Al Jazeera News differs from that spoken and published in Middle Eastern countries).

5. Human Rights Issues:

Amnesty International - www.amnestyusa.org.

The U.S. State Dept. - www.state.gov/www/global/human_rights/

The U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom (contains congressional testimony, recommendations&country summaries) - www.uscirf.gov.

6. Country Specific Facts:

CIA, The World Factbook -
(Click on the "Country List" for facts on the country of your choice. This is a nearly complete summary of up-to-date information&facts).

7. Territorial Rights&Issues

For disputes over territorial rights and which ethnic groups lived where first, we recommend students contact their local university history department. Historians usually link with archaeological studies and can provide "primary source" materials to back-up or disprove whatever claims are in dispute.

("Primary Source" materials may include documents, treaties, various agreements, relics, and so on).


We hope this is helpful to all of you. Please send your suggestions to us and we will update this report from time to time. Just please keep it simple!

Remnant Report Staff

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