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Prayers of Unbelievers
Does God Hear Them?   

Q. Isn't it true that if I am not a Christian that God wouldn't hear my prayers anyway? Does God really hear the prayers of unbelievers?


Yes, God does hear the prayers of people who are not Christians. Many of us can attest to this because before we became Christians we prayed, "If you're real, prove it to me, Lord."

In other words, we prayed something like this: "I don't believe in you, God. But, if you're there and you're real - then please show me." The fact that we later became Christians shows God's generous response to us.

Jonah's Example

A good example is the book of Jonah.

Ninevah like our Terrorists

Jonah was sent to Nineveh - a wicked city full of evil unbelievers. The Ninevites were very much like our modern day terrorists. They were ruthless and cruel - cutting off victims' heads and extremities - and enjoyed stealing private property and raping women and children.

(Not a great group of ethical people).

Ninevites Disgusted Jonah Understandably

The last thing Jonah wanted to do was to preach to the horrid Ninevites! (That's why he headed the opposite direction toward Tarshish until God convincingly changed his mind from the belly of a fish)!

One Short Sermon

So Jonah marched through the city preaching something like this: "40 days and you'll get yours!" (Chuck Missler translation).

Ninevah Repented!

Much to Jonah's surprise, horror and dismay, the Ninevites repented! They went on an instant fast, changed into grubby mourning clothes, and wept and prayed to Jonah's God. (Some think Jonah may have been "bleached" white by the acid in the fish's stomach, and scared them all to death).

Unbelieving Terrorists Prayed to One Unknown God

At any rate, these mean spirited unbelievers prayed fervently to a God whom they didn't really believe in, to be spared judgment - just in case He happened to be real. As a result, God delayed their judgment for about a century.

Yes, indeed. God does listen to and answers unbelievers' prayers.

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