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Denying the Lord after Childhood Acceptance

Q. I committed my life to Christ when I was just eight years old. But, then I went through many years of denying Christ and the existence of God. Am I still saved?


I hear you…join the club! I was introduced to Christ at age 16, accepted the Lord as my Savior ten years later, but didn't "get it together" until at least twenty years after that. I think many of us share similar histories.

His Seal on Us

Rest assured that God's Word tells us that He puts His "seal" on us when we are saved. Read 2 Corinthians 1:22. This verse tells us God seals us in Christ and gives us "His Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee."

He Loses None

Furthermore, John 6:39 lets us know that Jesus will lose none of those given to Him.

In fact, don't forget that even Peter denied the Lord three times. Yet, the Lord restored him to fellowship. If He would do that for Peter he will certainly do that for us.

We are not perfect the moment we are saved. Sanctification, or becoming holy and set apart for God, is a process that takes many years.

We are all being conformed into the image of Christ so that we can be made fit to rule with the King of Kings (Ro. 8:29; 2 Tim. 2:12). That takes a lifetime. Meanwhile, we are just a work-in-progress while we live on earth.

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