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Russian/Georgia Attack Prophetic?

Q. Could the Russian attack against Georgia be related to bible prophecy?


Absolutely! The attack upon Georgia appears to be a strategic strike. Here is why this could be prophetic:

America not the Focus

Sadly, the United States does not appear in end-times prophecy except in peripheral ways that relate to countries in general. We are not the "center" of the earth anymore. This revelation is shocking to many patriotic Americans who think God is on the side of the United States.

Why God might take down America

Why would God take down America at this time in history?

This is a subject we have covered in other articles. It could fill a book. But, briefly,

- we export huge amounts of pornography.
- We brutally kill our innocent, unborn children.
-Marriages dissolve and we promote alternative (and unhealthy) lifestyles.
- We have been selfish, materialistic and greedy.
- We have bought luxurious, decadent houses and junk to fill our homes and lives with "trash" in order to impress one another.
- Our pastors have turned their backs on God's Word and preached about "your best life now" (forget Heaven - it's me…me…me…Now…)!
- We have neglected our spiritual lives and taught our children to care only about sports, clothes, and money.

This list goes on and on…but, truly America is no longer the center of the world and it is rapidly losing its economic advantages and blessings. The world clearly sees us as a sinking Titanic ship!

Middle East Oriented

Instead, the political events in prophecy are Middle-East oriented with Israel, Russia (called "Magog" and its leader, "Gog"), and China playing major roles.

Russia&Islamic Countries

One of the next events on the prophecy timetable may be those listed in Ezekiel 38. Here the Lord told Ezekiel that a powerful Russia would become an ally with Islamic countries such as Iran, Ethiopia and Libya. They would form a bold coalition in order to attack Israel.

To do this without opposition from the West and the EU, Russia must become very powerful and the U.S. and other nations must become anemic, fearful, and powerless.

The Pipeline

We see that happening right now. As it stands a major pipeline runs right through Georgia. It is to Russia's strategic advantage to gain control over worldwide oil and gas supplies. Rather than a nuclear threat, Russia appears to be planning to control the world's energy supplies. That would certainly weaken us, wouldn't it?

Maranatha! (Come quickly, Lord)



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