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Overcomers - Criticisms
Kingdom Parables   

Q. I read another website that criticized Nancy Missler's new book about overcomers and how some of the kingdom parables in Matthew apply to Christians. Any thoughts on this?


Loss at the Judgment Seat?

I've probably read the same thing as you. The other website's author dislikes the idea that believers could be subject to severe losses when they stand before Christ at the judgment seat. (Refer to 2 Cor. 5:10; 2 John v.8).

These losses may possibly include some Christians not being allowed to rule alongside Christ during the millennium. Although they enter heaven, they may not "inherit" all they should have, although all tears will be wiped away when the thousand year period is up and we enter the new heavens and new earth. (See Luke 19:17-26; Ro. 8:16-17; 2 Tim. 2:12; Rev. 21:4).

Check Out Sources

Before making such harsh judgments and criticizing Chuck's and Nancy Missler's book, I wish other teachers would consider and read some of her sources - rather than accuse her falsely of "bad theology." Her book is primarily focused on the practicalities of "working out our salvation with fear and trembling" (Phil. 2:12) rather than defending what happens at the judgment seat of Christ.

The Misslers clearly maintain that all Christians enter the Kingdom of God. Christ already paid the penalties for our sins. It is only our rewards that we "earn" at the Judgment Seat of Christ as the Holy Spirit works through us to produce good fruit.

Heavyweight Theologians

For her sources Missler uses Joseph Dillow's The Reign of the Servant Kings (recommended by Charles Ryrie of the Ryrie Study Bible and Earl Radmacher, Chancellor of Western Conservative Baptist Seminary). She refers to Erwin Lutzer's Your Eternal Reward (senior pastor of Moody Church) among others. Another excellent reference Nancy uses is Paul N. Benware's The Believer's Payday. Dr. Benware is Professor of Bible and Doctrine at Philadelphia Biblical University.

Clearly these are not lightweight sources. Nancy Missler uses all of them to support her position. Before condemning Nancy, I encourage all professors and teachers to read these three books (at a minimum) before throwing out her ideas and criticizing her unfairly in the eyes of the public. (We recommend Erwin Lutzer's book for the lay person).

If opposing scholars are not cautious, they may find themselves at the judgment seat being judged for judging another Christian unfairly. It is their own lives they will account for - not Missler's life and works.

Recommended Reading:

Benware, Paul. 2002. The believers payday. Chattanooga, TN: AMG.

Dillow, Joseph. 1992. The reign of the servant kings. Hayesville, N.C.: Schoettle.

Lutzer, Erwin. 1998. Your eternal reward. Chicago: Moody.

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