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Thrift Shop Bonanza

This holiday season people are going crazy shopping at discount stores and thrift shops. Business is booming! Have you noticed this trend? That's just smart shopping in today's economy.

Support Rescue Missions&Charities

Don't forget to browse through your own local Gospel Rescue Mission thrift store or Salvation Army shop to find unusual gifts or furniture and things you may need this year. They have almost everything - refurbished, name brand vacuum cleaners, ovens, paintings by local talent, classic furniture and so on.

A Thrifty Neighborly 1950s Present

For example, here's a thrifty idea:

Why not buy some lovely antique plates, bowls or vases at the Second Chance Thrift Store located downtown Grants Pass on 6th&"J" Streets. This is a store stocked and run by Gospel Rescue Mission residents. Bake cookies or brownies. Then fill your novel thrift shop containers with fresh baked goodies and wrap them in colorful cellophane topped by personalized, festive cards. Try giving these to friends and family for Christmas. They'll love it!

That isn't my original idea. I'll never forget a memorable treat from our next door neighbors in the 1950s. (Yes, I'm that old). Throwing Frisbees had become a popular pastime. Our creative neighbor baked fudge and presented it to us in a brand new, colorful green Frisbee "bowl" wrapped in plastic wrap. Yum…

This is a creative way to support your local charities and feel good about giving, too. Go on your own "search and rescue" mission to save pennies, support the poor and give great gifts.

"Happy Holidays!"

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