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Macy's Scams Elderly?
Bait n' Switch Con Job   

At age 65 I need to use reading glasses and was diagnosed with a severe medical condition recently. With that in mind, please note that I have been encouraged to share my following experience at Macy's with the public and potentially with other agencies such as the Department of Justice, Department of Consumer Affairs and local newspapers, as well.

Beware of Macy's E-mail Service

I rarely go clothes shopping. But, in August of 2013, I purchased clothing for a total of around $100 at Macy's department store (a huge amount on my income). At the register the clerk asked me if I would like to be put on Macy's e-mail list to receive a 15% discount for my purchase and to be notified of special sales in the future.

Clerk "Guides" Hand to Trick Elderly into Two Credit Cards

After saying "Yes," Macy's clerk proceeded to ask a number of questions and physically guided my hand in answering yes/no/amount/signature-required questions on the automated counter machine - I had explained to her that I needed my reading glasses and didn't have them with me. Also, I was nervous about completing my purchase in a timely manner because there were two ladies waiting behind me at the register. So the clerk kindly insisted it wouldn't take long with her "help."

Not once did Macy's clerk explain to me that she was signing me up for two, possibly three credit cards: Macy's Card and American Express plus Macy's Star Rewards card (which I am still not sure if that is a credit card or not) - NOT just for an email service notifying me of special discounts.

Clerk Puts Purchase Charge on New 24.5% Interest Credit Card

Having run out of checks, I pulled out my Discover Card to pay for a separate $49 purchase. But, it wasn't until I got home, put on my reading glasses, read the packet and called that I realized Macy's had signed me up for two new credit cards, one at 24.5% interest, and had charged my $49 bill to the new outrageously high-interest card. Macy's clerk did not just sign me up for an "e-mail service"!

Elderly Woman Feels Like Abused Idiot

Yes, I feel like a complete "idiot" even though I hold a graduate degree. Certainly, it does sadden me that a once prestigious department store would apparently scam the elderly in an attempt to make outrageous profits.

Bait n' Switch Victim

Naturally, I will warn others of Macy's fraudulent practices and let people know that Macy's may use "bait and switch" tactics among other con games on their own customers, neighbors and the elderly.

(Name withheld by request)


Editor's Note: Let's try to warn the public. It is our job to protect our elderly from abusive experiences such as this one. It is called the "Unauthorized issuance of credit cards" for those who would like to file their own formal complaints with organizations such as the Dept. of Justice, Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission. We hope that others will be forewarned that Macy's is no longer our "Miracle on 34th. Street" institution!

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