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Chuck Missler - Surprise Visit

Check-out this quote:

"The field of particle physics has totally altered our conceptions of reality. Scientists now tell us that the universe is a digital simulation within a much larger reality and consists of at least ten dimensions…We'll discover that each of us is both a pawn and a prize in a cosmic warfare - a hyper-dimensional conflict between good and evil that will come to a climax soon. In fact, we believe we are being plunged into a time of conflict unlike any other. It's the ultimate adventure, involving each of us in the interval between the miracle of our origin and the mystery of our destiny…" (2002, Intro to Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, Thomas Nelson )

That's quintessential Chuck Missler! A brilliant thinker known for his penetrating insights. It's not often that we get to personally thank those who are major influences in our lives. But, on October 30th the Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission received a surprise visit from Dr. Chuck Missler, author of Learn the Bible in 24 Hours and numerous other educational materials. Missler is known worldwide for his biblical scholarship and contributions to current scientific thinking.

Dr. Missler was visiting one of our Mission's favorite speakers, Barry Setterfield. Maybe some of you don't know, but Barry Setterfield is one of just a handful of astrophysicists who has determined that the speed of light is slowing down. The speed of light is not a constant as scientists once thought. Those conclusions validate a six-day creation viewpoint among other things!

Barry donated an observatory to the campus of New Hope Christian School and is a regular guest speaker at our Mission. What a privilege to meet both Setterfield and Missler.

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