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Incest&Adultery Acceptable?
Why Then&Not Now?   

Q. Because of incest and adultery which produced two nations: the nation from Ishmael/Arabs and Isaac/Jews, we have been at war ever since. So the descendents of Ishmael/Muslims are the main problem…do you agree? Abraham and Sarah were half brother and sister and conceived Isaac in incest. Abraham and Hagar had Ishmael from an adulterous relationship.

How can incest and adultery have been acceptable then, but not now according to Christian principles? To me, God doesn't change his mind. I just don't see God allowing this sin, blessing it, and then changing his mind and saying the rules have changed.


Missing the Mark

How can God bless adultery and incest? He does not bless, i.e. speak well of or condone any sin. Sin, in the Hebrew, is defined as "missing the mark" - that which is not perfect. As it refers to humans,

Scripture tells us that it is a genetic problem as well as a spiritual problem. We grow old and die, and that is "missing the mark." The process of "dying" itself is "missing the mark."

All Bible Characters Had Flaws but One

When you read the Bible you will find that virtually every character in the Bible has flaws. Abraham commits incest - actually Sarah was his half sister. He takes more than one wife, too. The cultural standards of his day may have excused the relationship with Hagar. But obviously God's ideal is monogamy.

Strange Web of Sin

Look at King David, a murderer and adulterer. Yet, the Bible says that he was "a man after God's own heart." Solomon had 700 wives! Read the story of Tamar and Judah in Genesis chapter 38 to see another such story - one that makes Abraham's story seem tame. Yet, from that illicit relationship of Tamar and Judah came Peres, and finally David, and from David came Jesus the Messiah.

Only One is Holy

The Bible tells it like it is. It does not embellish its heroes. Everyone is human and everyone is broken. This honesty points to the fact that God is the only one who is holy and true - the only one who is trustworthy.

A Merciful God

Our God knows the hearts of men and women and still loves them enough to bless them whey they obey and submit to Him. He is also a just God, and will judge rightly as He sees fit.

Abraham was not blessed because he was a "good man." He was blessed because he believed and trusted God to keep His word.

God "chose" Abraham and the Jews, not because they were something special. Indeed, He chose them because they were small and of no special account. The word "chosen" is sometimes translated to mean "one on whom a burden is placed." A sharp contrast to one who is privilaged or special because of merit.

Overriding the sins of Abraham and Sarah are the greater purposes of God. Does God "choose" people to accomplish good, and others to accomplish evil? The Bible says "yes." But in each case He does it for His purposes, and ultimately for our benefit and His glory if we trust Him as Abraham did.

God is Sovereign

As you read the Bible one thing becomes very clear. God is sovereign. That means He will do what He wants - when He wants. You are right when you say that God does not change. But change what? If you are talking about His nature then I agree. But God does deal with different people at different times for different reasons. His reasons and ways are not "human." God is not "human." He sees all ends and we do not.

The Bible does lay out God's game plan and He tells us a lot about why He does things and what He will do in the future. But to find out what God is doing, it is absolutely vital that we study Scripture. Anything other than studing God's word is just speculation and that always leads to frustration.

For example:

I have always had a problem with the statement that "God allows evil." That bothered me for years. But, through careful Bible studies and good teachers, I have come to peace with it and found the answer - an answer that satisfies and is true. An answer that makes my life a thousand times more fulfilling. But that is for another article.

Part 2 of Question

Your statement, "So the descendents of Ishmael/Muslims are the main problem…do you agree?"


It would be easy to blame everything on the Muslims. But I cannot. Yes, they are actively working to destroy Israel and Western society. The god of Islam is not the God of the Bible. Their way is a way of conquest. That was a major reason for the Crusades. The Muslims had virtually taken over the bulk of Europe. Their way of life and Western Civilization are not compatible. Look at the problems the French are having as only one example.

All Guilty in Middle East Problem

As I stated above, all humans are broken. We, the nations of the world, all share guilt in the Middle East problem. For example, the U.N. has passed over 600 resolutions in the past 40 years condemning Israel. Yet, not one condemns the Arab countries. The current Israeli government and our own Administration are definitly not considering the Biblical mandates or implications of their actions.

A mature outlook must be measured. And our outlook must be grounded from the Biblical perspective. God said, "I will bless those who bless you (Israel), and curse those who curse you." The real question is will we take God seriously? God is sovereign so there is purpose. But that purpose can be known and understood only if we adopt a Biblical worldview.

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