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Nephilim, Giants&Spooky Things

Akashic Records
New Age or Biblical?   
Have you ever heard of the "Akashic Records?" Would it be un-Christian to accept such a belief from New Age authors or other religions? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Personal Experience?   
Love your articles on angels. Do you have any personal experiences with these entities?  click for full text

Angels in a New Age
Connecting To Them?   
I want to know what practices will help me connect to my guardian angels. (Y.M.)  click for full text

Anxious Forebodings
Something Bad Coming?   05/20/2008
I can't shake the feeling that something bad is coming. I feel like I need to prepare, but I'm not sure how. Sometimes I think I won't live very long. Do you have any advice? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Bible Codes Hidden?
Why would God hide a message in "codes?" …Why wouldn't He just say it upfront?

 click for full text

 Bone Box of Jesus - Fraud
Even Skeptical Scholars Reject It   
I heard scholars found the tomb of Jesus and his family. Is this true?  click for full text

Brain Houses Soul?
I don't understand how a soul is like "software" or anything else we know of here on earth, like you mentioned in another article. Please explain this.  click for full text

 Cloning or Resurrection
Do Jews Believe It?   
A question from the Talmud asks, "From what will God resurrect man in the future world?" Rabbi Yehoshua replied, "From the luz bone in the spine." The same body that decomposed will be reconstructed  click for full text

Cloning, Physics, Information Tech&DNA
Used to Resurrect Life Forms?   
Is cloning life forms from DNA and the use of information technology like "resurrecting" human beings? Do you think God could "clone" us back to life in the resurrection or use IT to recreate us?  click for full text

Conspicuous Consumption
Laodicean Church?   
In the 1960s we called it "psycho-cybernetics" or Christian Science or Religious Science. It had to do with thinking big, focused thoughts to produce big bank accounts and prosperity.  click for full text

Future Forecasting
From Computer Models?   
How can the bible use prophecy itself if it's against using fortune tellers? Isn't it violating its own rules? What about theorizing the future from computer models?  click for full text

God Spoke to Ancients
But, What About Us?   
I noticed that Abraham spoke directly to God. He had clear signs&responses from God. So was communication&belief easier in those days? Could there be interference from radio waves today?  click for full text

Hologram Reality
We are Software?   
To our best scientific minds, the universe appears to be a gigantic, cosmic computer. And it is built upon language - the Word - a pre agreement of specially designed letters and words making up…  click for full text

Jesus an Advanced Alien
Prove He's Not   
I read your comments&historical facts. But that does not prove that Jesus was not part of a project or plan by some race of beings far more advanced than we are. (CJ from Boston)  click for full text

Jesus an Alien in a UFO?
My boyfriend thinks Jesus was an alien who was beamed up in a UFO after he was resurrected. What should I tell him? (E.R. from Boston). (Ed.- We want you to know this was a real question)!  click for full text

Killing Orders
From God Almighty?   
Why would God command the Israelites to kill Midianite children and women found in Numbers 31:17&other places? This seems barbaric and primitive.  click for full text

Large Hadron Collider&Aliens
Black holes&ETs?   
Do you think the hadron collider in Switzerland could destroy earth with black holes? Do you think there are outer-space aliens? Would it destroy our belief if there are UFOs and aliens?  click for full text

Nephilim Returning to Earth?
Often I hear that the scary Nephilim mentioned in the Bible will be returning in the end times. Is this true? Where is it found in the Bible? Where does it say they will return to earth? (J.M., WA)  click for full text

 New Age Truths?
I heard a New Ager speak on C to C radio. He was describing a transnational group who controls the current, unfolding economic crisis throughout the world. Can he be right if he's a New Age believer?  click for full text

Parallel Worlds Biblical?
Do you think it's possible there are parallel worlds or other dimensions in the universe? I know the Bible isn't a science text. But, is there any info in the Bible about this? I'm hooked on sci fi.  click for full text

Psychics for Christians?
Do you think psychics are real prophets? I am scared by all that's going on in the world. So I want to know what is really happening to us. Is this forbidden or wrong?  click for full text

 Reincarnation Jewish or Biblical?
Some of my friends believe in reincarnation and say the Bible teaches it. They point to Matthew 17:12 and other passages like it. What should I tell them? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

 Reincarnation on Radio Talk-Show
I heard an author say reincarnation is a fact because Jesus said we must be born again. He said if the bible is true then we must believe this simple statement. What do you say?  click for full text

I heard a T.V. show mention a group of living beings called "The Reptilians." Do you know what they are talking about? Are these in the bible? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Resurrection Back to the Future?
I've wondered if God could just go back in time to gather our DNA blueprints in order to resurrect us. Tell me what you think…  click for full text

Secret Decoder Ring
To Unlock the Bible?   
Why are there factions that interpret God's Word&then create theology platforms around interpretations? Our Creator didn't transmit a message to us that requires a "Secret Decoder Ring." (T.M.)  click for full text

Space Odyssey from the Bible
Mike Frisbie, V&K Emilio   04/07/2006
Mike Frisbie pulled his life together after drugs, gangs, and tough-living. Then he was diagnosed with brain cancer after completing a degree in bio-chemisty. He joined Heaven's Army in 2005.  click for full text

Spiritual Forces of Evil
Who and what are the spiritual forces of evil the apostle Paul says we are fighting in Eph. 6:12? Where do they come from and what is their purpose?

New scholarly research gives fascinating answers!  click for full text

Web Bot Prophecies
Have you ever heard of "web bot" prophecies? If you have, do you think they are real? Should we listen to these kinds of forecasts? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Why Are Good People Dying Younger&Younger?
Perry Stone   01/04/2007
Staff at Remnant Report
Something ununsual is occurring - it deals with the sudden number of deaths of unusually godly people. Why is the Lord taking so many to heaven at the same time? Sacred history may hold a clue…  click for full text

"We" are Software
I heard a scientist say our wish for life after death doesn't make it real - death is death and then we are nothing. How do you counter this "dust to dust" belief? (J.M.,WA)  click for full text

Angel Watchers from Daniel 4
Who are the watchers mentioned in Daniel 4? I see books about the watchers in the New Age section of our bookstore, and I hear about the watchers on Coast to Coast radio.  click for full text

Angels Fathering Kids?
How is it possible?   
How can fallen angels or the Sons of God have human children as noted in Genesis 6? Matthew 22:30 says the angels don't marry.  click for full text

Belief - Genetically Predisposed?
A physicist on the radio said that religious belief "evolved" in our brains. Religion or belief in God isn't true. We are just genetically primed for belief. What is that all about?  click for full text

Belief in Giants, Whales or Noah's Flood?
Are you telling me that you literally believe in things like Noah's flood, giants, Jonah's whale, or Jesus walking on water? You're smart - so why? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

 Belief Obstacles - Word, Virgin, Resurrection?
How can you really believe the Bible is God's Word, or that a virgin conceived a baby, or believe in a real resurrection? Please explain. (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Bible Codes - Are they Real?
Are Bible Codes real and legitimate? I've seen them in tabloids at the supermarket check-out stand. What are codes? Why are they in the Bible?  click for full text

 Bible Codes - Which Texts Work?
I've heard we don't have any original Hebrew manuscripts and that there are variations in the copies we do have. So how can Bible codes work?  click for full text

Food for Thought?   
What if you were in a plane crash and your only means to survive would be cannibalizing those who had died in the crash? Would that be a sin? Just a little food for thought…ha,ha,ha…(J.M.)  click for full text

Futurists Biblically Legitimate?
Since 2003 I've heard futurists and prophecy buffs say we are heading into severe economic times and terrible weather disasters. Should we be listening to them and prepare for it? D.B.  click for full text

Near Death Experiences Real?
Do you think Near Death Experiences are real? What does the church believe happens at the moment of death? (J.M.)  click for full text

Nephilim - Real?
Who were the Nephilim? My local bookstore has lots of books about UFOs and Nephilim. I was shocked to hear my pastor mention the nephilim. Where are they found in the Bible? Are they still here?  click for full text

New Age Rapture Event?
I've heard there are New Age groups who teach the rapture or the evacuation of people off of the earth. Is this true? How does this square with Christian teachings about a rapture? (J.M., WA)  click for full text

Science of Intention
On a late night show I heard a lady talk about something called the science of "intention." She equated it with prayers and said its works just as well. Any thoughts on this?  click for full text

God's Judgment?   
Is the strange weather hitting most of our country - like freaky hail, flooding, tornados, high heat and fires - a sign of God's judgment? How would we know?  click for full text

 Giants among Us
The Israelites spent years wandering around the desert because they were terrified of these violent freaks who hungered after human flesh. So why would God be mad at them? (J.M., Mt.Vernon, WA)  click for full text

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