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Education - Under the Microscope

Rigidity in Church   
I think a dogmatic point of view is often rigid, absolute - but rarely attains the truth given the sinful or dynamic nature of humans. (A.M.)  click for full text

Arming Kids 4 Public School
Against Militant Atheism   
Do you think it's OK to send our kids to public schools? I don't think we can afford private schools even though that would be our first choice - You both went to secular schools.  click for full text

Biblical Feminism?
Is there such a Thing?   
What's your opinion of Paula White, the televangelist?

I'll turn this question over to my wife…  click for full text

Books for a Personal Library
Not Theological Sets   
Can you recommend some basic books, DVDs, or CDs to acquire for a good, biblical library?

Sure. Here are some favorites.  click for full text

Brainwashing Kids
At work a Christian schoolteacher handed my cousin a journal for the education of children. It contained information about teachers indoctrinating your kids with stuff you don't want them to see…  click for full text

Childhood Decision Making
Should kids be making many decisions on their own - like where to go, what to do, whether or not they should practice a sport or an instrument and so on?

The answer may surprise you…  click for full text

Churchy Hypocrites
Why do most good heartfelt Christians think since they go to church every Sunday and read their bibles everyday they are better than the other believers that don't do all that but do believe?
(A.M.)  click for full text

Continuing Eternal-Education
We've got Work to Do   
I'm out of work. But, I'm too old (48)& struggle with arthritis&other ailments to do much physical work. Plus, I don't want to just be a worker bee for globalists - Any advice? (B.R.)  click for full text

Disaster Preparation
Not of Faith?   
Isn't preparing for disasters and monetary crises a form of not trusting in God's provision for us? Should a Christian even bother to prepare for hard times? Won't God take care of us?  click for full text

Early Church Owned Bibles?
Why is it in the old days only churches were allowed to own copies of the bible? That was when it was a more modern text and it was intended for its parables to be quoted. (A.M.)  click for full text

Educational Immersion-Principle
Not Syncretism   
Are there biblical guidelines for Christian schools and teachers?

Yes. Our children are bombarded by anti church, anti Christian messages wherever they go. They are brainwashed 24/7…  click for full text

Equipping our Youth with Truth
Pastor Brian Johnson   
As I have been teaching our youth, I have been attempting to equip them with truth in areas in which Christianity is so often attacked. College professors often say the Bible is filled with errors.  click for full text

HCSB Translation
Good Version?   
What is your opinion of the Holman Christian Standard Bible? - T. Brown

It takes time for a new translation to become known, and sometimes publishers are clueless about how to promote them.  click for full text

 Madrassas - Agents of Change - A Model
Ken Emilio   
Islamic schools - called Madrassa are the "Evangelical Outreach" of the Islamic faith. They mold worldview and political landscapes; and they may reveal the Biblical model for Christian Churches.  click for full text

Mueller's Mission
George Mueller lived in the mid 1800s. Yet, can we learn valuable lessons from his ministry today?  click for full text

Pastor Profession
Why be one?   
After our lives are finished on planet earth, we will suddenly realize that nothing was more important than our belief in the redemptive work and person of Jesus Christ. Who taught us this? Pastors!  click for full text

Salvation Gospel
What is it?   
What is the Gospel of salvation? Is it even in the Bible? (G.F.)  click for full text

Separation of Church and State
Can you explain to me in simple language what separation of church and state mean? I don't need a long, patriotic answer. I just wonder when it's appropriate to take action…  click for full text

Titus 2 Ladies
No rocking chairs for me! I don't want to retire and just wait to die. So what can older Christian women do in our youth obsessed culture?  click for full text

Which One?   
Which Bible translation do you use?

I don't have much choice. For me the question is: Which one can I "see?" Which one can I "hold?" And which one has the most space for notes? Ah…aging…  click for full text

Visual Bible
Brings God's Love Home   
God loves us. He really cares about you and me. Why not? He created us. Just as we find joy in newborn babies, grandkids or a basket of puppies, God loves us and looks forward to our company.  click for full text

Reading Problems
Reading the Bible   
I don't read very well. So how can I study and read the Bible daily?  click for full text

Study the Bible
What do I Study?   
How do you decide what to study in the Bible? How do you get started? I don't even know where to begin. But I want to learn.  click for full text

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