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Bible Proofs
Quick Reference Guide   
How do we know the Bible is the truth? Do you have a short article about it? I don't have time to read books. Thanks.  click for full text

Ehrman's Errors
Provocative Exploitation   
A friend gave me a copy of Bart Ehrman's book called Misquoting Jesus. This book really bothers me because he is so educated but says the bible is full of errors - like 400,000. What do you think?  click for full text

Facebook's Fake Church
Coming to Town   
Facebook's Zuckerberg thinks his social media giant can replace the church. Really?  click for full text

Heavenly Joy with Loved Ones in Hell?
So how will heaven be joyful if we are able to remember life on earth, those who we loved who are now in hell? (J.J.)

Good question and a difficult one!  click for full text

Logic 101 - Occam's Razor
Simplest the better…   
Concerning the origins of our universe don't natural evolutionary processes explain it better than God or Intelligent Design? Maybe the universe isn't complicated - mankind is just awfully dumb!  click for full text

One-Minute Evidences
Supporting Christianity   
Are there short answers to questions asked about our faith? Of course! Sowing seeds - not burying seekers with info - is polite&more productive.  click for full text

Prophecy School of Jesus
Olivet or Temple Teachings?   
Complementary information but different audiences - is this why the gospels cannot be harmonized? To do so may lead readers astray.  click for full text

Resurrection a Legend?
Myth, Fairy Tale or Fable?   
Has anyone told you that the resurrection is just a child's fairy tale? Hear this: No Serious Historical Scholar denies that Jesus lived or that followers believed they had seen the risen Lord. None  click for full text

Rulers on Earth - The Good, Bad and Ugly
What's wrong with our governors, mayors and leaders in America today? Why have they turned against Christianity or anything we know as good, kind and noble?  click for full text

Saved from What or Whom?
I'm a good person   
Why do I need to be saved? Saved from what or whom? I'm a decent, good person. I don't need to be saved from anything.  click for full text

Shroud of Turin - Quantum Hologram
Resurrection Photo in 3D?   
The Turin Shroud possesses so many bizarre features that it almost defies natural explanation. Could those features be a result of a nuclear event from the resurrection itself?  click for full text

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