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Ancient Biblical Shorthand
"MRY XMS"   
Did you know there were ancient shorthand writers who wrote down information word-for-word?

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Ancient History
We can't know what really happened 2,000 years ago. So why do you present as fact something that is objectively unknowable? Ancient history is way beyond knowing anything provable today. (A.M.)  click for full text

What is it?   
I'm curious. Just what is the Apocrypha? Where does it come from? Why isn't it included in Protestant Bibles? Why do Catholics include it in their Bibles?  click for full text

Literal or Metaphor?   
I know that Arab nations are listed in Psalm 83, Daniel, and Ezekiel. But, where does Babylon fit in? Will it be a literal, future city or is it just a metaphor for an evil, religious system?  click for full text

Baptism for the Dead
For Everyone?   
What does First Corinthians 15:29 mean when it says there is a baptism for the dead? Should we be doing that? Why don't we hear about it in church?  click for full text

Bone Box of Jesus
Must be another holiday…   
Editor, V.E.
Jesus was not resurrected. Actually, He married Mary Magdalene, had kids&moved to France. They had more kids who became the kings of Europe, they started the Masons and wrote secret codes..Right!  click for full text

Christianity a Copy Cat Religion?
I've seen internet sites that talk about Christianity being a copy of other religions like in that Zeitgeist film. But, are there some general things to tell people who are influenced by this?  click for full text

Copies of Copies of Copies of Copies
Biblical Accuracy in Question?   
Bart Ehrman says we don't have the original texts of the N.T. He says we only have copies of copies of copies - and these differ from each other! So what's left? How do we know the N.T. is true?  click for full text

Extra Biblical Writings
What are They?   
Could you tell me what the difference is between the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Gnostic writings? Our bookstore has them all in the New Age section. Avoid them?

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Genesis Tablet Theory
News in Stone?   
A shocking revelation about Genesis&ancient clay-tablets. RK Harrison (Wycliffe College)&DJ Wiseman (famed Assyriologist) tell us a stunning truth.  click for full text

Gospel of Judas
Here we go again…   
Photo - Demise of Judas by Dore'
Another lost book? Christians are subjected to the same old refrain telling the world that a "new gospel" has been discovered that sheds light on who Jesus "really" was! Oh…Really? Think again…  click for full text

In-Between Times Before Jesus
James Borror Th.D.   
Can you explain what happened during those 400 years before Jesus was born?  click for full text

Jesus - Legend or History?
I noticed the gospel accounts of the resurrection and some other events are slightly different. So how do we know that Jesus was a real person and not just a legend? (J.M., Mt Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Jesus in Tibet?
I heard an author state that there is proof Jesus traveled to Tibet between the ages of around 12 through 29. Is this possible? Is there evidence of this?  click for full text

Jesus' Lineage
A Model of Us   
"Why is Jesus' lineage different in Matthew and Luke?"

You just asked a question with a shocking answer! It's a "model" of all believers. Take a look…  click for full text

Can you tell me what Q is all about?

Answer: Sure…Q is a mythological Star Trek character from a highly intelligent, arrogant group of beings from the Q Continuum. Seriously, let's look at Q.  click for full text

Most Attested Fact in History   
Q. I have a hard time believing in a resurrection. What proof is there?

Best News in Town! Happy Easter - Happy Resurrection!…  click for full text

Shroud of Turin - Quantum Hologram
Resurrection Photo in 3D?   
The Turin Shroud possesses so many bizarre features that it almost defies natural explanation. Could those features be a result of a nuclear event from the resurrection itself?  click for full text

Internet Film   
Did Christianity and the Bible just evolve from myths? My neighbors gave me a copy of an internet film, "Zeitgeist." I found it very upsetting and wonder if there is any truth to it? (T.C.)  click for full text

Study Bibles
In Acts 8:30 Philip asked, "Do you understand what you are reading? And he said, 'How can I, unless someone guides me?'" (ESV). Even Bible folks asked for help in understanding the Scriptures!  click for full text

Bible Translations
Choosing One   
What Bible translation do you use or what do you recommend? Does it matter? There are so many I can't figure out which is closest to the original. How should I make this decision?  click for full text

Divine Council - 24 Elders
K Emilio   
Revelation Studies
Who are the Twenty Four Elders found in the book of the Revelation? Modern day answers frequently revolve around the eschatological models and biases held by those giving the answers.  click for full text

Gnostic Gospels Timeline
Any idea when the Gnostic Gospels were written? Here is quick "food for thought." Remember this the next time you are challenged with trendy Da Vinci Code or Gnostic type arguments…  click for full text

Heresy - Worst in 700 Years
Not only did Platonism and Gnosticism gain a foothold into Christian theology, but some churches still teach the Biblical heresy that Heaven and resurrected bodies are "spiritual" and not physical.  click for full text

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