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Suffering&Persecution - Home and Abroad

America Abandoned by God's Wrath?
I read that there is a point when God gives unbelievers&nations over to the "wrath of abandonment." What is that? And how do you know when God has "abandoned" a specific country?  click for full text

American Detention Camps?
Reason to Fear?   
I heard that our government is building detention camps around the country and it terrifies me. Is this true? Why would they be built? For what reasons? What should we do if true?  click for full text

Anger - Righteous or Sinful?
I know we shouldn't blow our cool&dump anger on others. But, isn't there a righteous anger encouraged in Scripture? What about the verse that says "Be angry but do not sin?" Jesus' anger? God's?  click for full text

 Chinese Pastors Trained
Several have asked us about Chinese house churches. We thought you would appreciate firsthand information.

 click for full text

Churches Suffering Violence
Why is it Happening?   
Why do you suppose there is escalating violence and shootings against pastors and churches/  click for full text

Cruelty to Christians
Handbook for Coping&Overcoming   
What is it about Christians that make people think we have no feelings? Or that we somehow deserve this rude, crude, in-your-face treatment? Any suggestions on how to cope with it?  click for full text

Denial under Torture
I'm not sure I could hold up under severe torture like some Christians living in Islamic regimes. What if I truly believe Jesus is Lord but give in to torturers to avoid pain? Am I still saved?  click for full text

Disqualifying from Leadership
When or Why?   
When should a church leader be disqualified and asked to leave his position? Must an immoral pastor be permanently disqualified? Should a leader disqualify himself? Under what circumstances?  click for full text

EMP Threat
Steps to Take…   
I keep hearing Iran may go ballistic. How would the nuclear effect of an EMP attack harm America? Should churches and Christians prepare for an EMP attack? Just how are we supposed to do that?  click for full text

Fear vs. Faith
Trusting God in Perilous Times   
I know we aren't supposed to be fearful. But, I keep worrying about my kid's safety, worry about going broke, and worry about terrorist attacks, etc. I know this is wrong. So what can I do?  click for full text

Complaints About Leaders   
Some people in our church are complaining against church leadership in social gatherings or on the phone. Is this a sin and considered gossip?  click for full text

Great Depression II ? - Part 1
Around 2005 you wrote two articles about a Great Depression coming upon our country. Where can I find those? Can you post them again?
 click for full text

Great Depression II ? - Part 2
We wrote this in 2005. Scripture tells us not to love the world or the things in the world. I think we need to shift our priorities because times are changing fast! Will we survive?  click for full text

Homeless Segments
Who are they?   
We used to see homeless people as white, male, drunks or drug addicts in their fifties. Now at least half are families with kids. Who are they? Where do they stay? How do they survive?  click for full text

Homelessness Stigma
I'm living in a shelter. If I go apply for a job they don't want me because of where I live. People look at me strangely&act like I'm a murderer or child molester. I don't know what to do.  click for full text

House Churches
Are they real churches?   
Is the house church a "real" church?

Just ask those in the underground churches in China, or believers meeting in homes in Darfur, Pakistan, Iraq, or Iran.  click for full text

Our Identity?   
I lost my job over a year ago and can't find any work. My whole identity has always been my work. My family looks down on me and I'm terribly depressed. Any suggestions for those like me? (T.B.)  click for full text

Nero Politics
Obeying Authorities   
Why would the Apostle Paul write to Christians about obeying governing authorities when the awful emperor Nero was in charge? What does that mean for us today? How would it apply to our lives now?  click for full text

Opportunities Lost
Never Regained?   
I am entering the last phase of my life and can't help but compare my life with others who have been very successful. I feel like a failure. Most of my life was spent in therapy and hospitals.  click for full text

Why Won't God Remove It?   
If God is so powerful, why can't He just rid the world of pain? Why would He create a universe He knew in advance would become filled with evil? That doesn't seem like a good God to me.  click for full text

Perspective from Persecution
Valorie and Kenneth Emilio   
Photo Credit - Hubble.org
Should USA Christians feel guilty about their riches and easy living in a wealthy, prosperous country? - Our response might surprise you.  click for full text

Perspective from Persecution
Part 2   
Worthy to Suffer?

Being considered "worthy to suffer" for the name of Jesus Christ is almost unheard of in America. Yet, Paul lived in hunger, didn't have nice clothes, and was homeless!  click for full text

Rescue Mission Aid
A Friend in Need   
I have a dear friend who is out of work, living at the rescue mission and has just been told he needs to undergo extensive surgery. How can I help him while he's living there?  click for full text

Everyone's Diagnosis   
My friend was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. I don't know what to say to him. How can we get a sense of perspective on the subject of dying with so little time left? He feels left out by life.  click for full text

Terrorists - Forgiving the Worst
How-To Principles   
I know we are supposed to forgive others. But, I can't get past terrorists and cold-blooded murderers.

 click for full text

Tinkerbell Theology - Part 1
Post Modern Church   
Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ true regardless of our opinion or beliefs? For that matter, what is the "Gospel of God?" Our postmodern society answers "Whatever I believe - IS!"  click for full text

Tinkerbell Theology - Part 2
Tolerance the Ultimate Good?   
In a Post Modern Church, we decide the road to salvation. Even if we claim that Jesus Christ is the way, the question that must be asked is, who is Jesus really and what does He expect from me?  click for full text

 Tortured Christians
Acceptable News?   
I read a news article on your website about the satanic torture and killing of three Christians in Turkey. It was terribly upsetting, and I'm not sure you should run stories like this.  click for full text

Trusting God through Disasters
Memorize Scripture   
What can we refer to quickly when disasters occur?

By committing some of these verses to memory we have them "on file" when problems occur.  click for full text

A Philosophy   
What is your own personal philosophy of persecution and suffering as it regards Christians? What is behind it all? Why does God allow it?  click for full text

Christians Insane?
Beliefs in Christianity and all religions are just forms of mental illness. Rational or intelligent people do not need a god or belief structure to live happily. Religion is just childish thinking.  click for full text

Enemies - Avoid or Love Them?
Jesus said to love your enemies and do good to those who persecute you. Yet, we are also told not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Cor. 6:14). I'm confused. How do you reconcile these?  click for full text

Family Get-Togethers
Painful Experience?   
During family get-togethers my parents and siblings use every occasion to ridicule my faith. They talk behind my back and roll up their eyes whenever anything comes up about religion. Any advice?  click for full text

God's Will?   
You said that believing God is sovereign over us helps us to deal with pain. So how does knowing about God's sovereignty help us to cope with hurt or pain? How does it help us to forgive others?  click for full text

Suffering Doing God's Will?
I thought I did everything right - attending church&bible studies, praying, donating money. But, I lost my job. Then my wife left me. And my adult kids just told me to move out. Is this God's will?  click for full text

Terrorism Preparation
Not Trusting God?   
Does it show lack of trust in God to prepare for terrorism? Should a Christian stockpile supplies? I have a feeling something is going to happen and I should be ready.  click for full text

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