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Science and Scripture

Soul Verified by Science?
Are we living in a matrix?   
I thought we lived in a materialistic universe where rocks, tables and things are solid. But, science says no. We're living in a computer simulation. What?  click for full text

Shroud of Turin - Quantum Hologram
Resurrection Photo in 3D?   
The Turin Shroud possesses so many bizarre features that it almost defies natural explanation. Could those features be a result of a nuclear event from the resurrection itself?  click for full text

Resurrecting Extinct Animals
Science of De-extinction   
Breath-taking scientific progress! Who stands to benefit the most from the new science of de-extinction?  click for full text

Mathematical Concepts of Time
Ever had a hard time explaining to your kids what "trillions" of dollars of debt or "billions" of people on earth, mean? Try this.  click for full text

Resurrection Seeds
Genuine Hope…   
Ever wondered if resurrection is real? How can we believe it? Is there a pattern to life that points to a resurrection in our futures?  click for full text

Old Earth vs.Young Earth
Smug Pot Heads…   
I sat through a silly, long lecture about there being no such thing as a gap of millions of years between when God created&when He rested. I didn't even know there was a battle (the Pot Heads…)!  click for full text

Parallel Worlds Biblical?
Do you think it's possible there are parallel worlds or other dimensions in the universe? I know the Bible isn't a science text. But, is there any info in the Bible about this? I'm hooked on sci fi.  click for full text

Theistic Evolution
Biblical Alternative?   
Can a Christian believe in evolution? Is he still a real believer if he does? Does it conflict with churches? Is it an alternative to Creationism?  click for full text

Peleg's Divided Earth
Genesis 10:25 and 1 Chronicles 1:19 says, "And two sons were born to Eber. The name of the one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided." Is he the same Peleg in Jesus' lineage? (Lk 3:35)  click for full text

Starlight Proves Old Universe?
If galaxies are billions of light years away, why don't many Christian fundamentalists think the universe is also billions of years old? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Holes in your Head
Brain Affected by Thoughts?   
New research reveals that unforgiving, resentful thoughts cause the "memory trees" in a brain's dendrites to become sparse and thorny. The memory trees look as if dark abscesses have taken root! Ouch!  click for full text

Paradox in Faith
Choice or Chosen?   
How can you "choose" freely to believe a salvation message if God "predestines" us to believe? Do we have a choice or not? Which is it? I'm not trying to be flippant about it. I'm just confused.  click for full text

A Real City?   
What do you think really destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? Is the biblical account accurate or true? What about other theories concerning extinction events in earth's history?  click for full text

Genesis Science
Water Before Creation?   
I have always been puzzled as to the reference to the waters in Genesis 1 verse 2. It is written in a way that makes me think water already existed before God created it! Could you please elaborate?  click for full text

Noah's Ark - Is It Real?
Do you really believe in Noah's Ark? It's a cute kid's story. But, most people grow-up and don't believe it anymore. (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Sir Issac Newton
End-Times Date   
I read a news story that Sir Isaac Newton calculated the date of the apocalypse. What do you make of this?  click for full text

What's the Big Deal?   
It has been only 50 years since scientists discovered DNA. Children's textbooks contained very little about DNA until just recently. No wonder - it now takes far more faith to believe in evolution!  click for full text

Cave Men
Apes or Men?   
Who were the cave men? Did they evolve or were they created earlier than man? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Chance or Coincidence?
Is there such a Thing?   
"They were in the wrong place at the wrong time," quip world leaders. Is this what we believe? Fate? Chance? Happenstance? Is there such a thing?  click for full text

Longevity of Biblical Ancients
Having lost a valuable oxygen supply, men became less intelligent. We may have become dumbed down. Yet, in our arrogance we teach children the "Ascent of Man." Hmmm…maybe the charts are backwards!  click for full text

Virgin Birth or Miracles Ridiculed
My sister and brother-in-law keep bringing up reasons they don't believe in God or the Bible. They ridicule the virgin birth because they think Mary had an out of wedlock child. What can I say?  click for full text

Scientific Facts in the Bible
I heard the Bible says the earth is round, it rotates&the universe is expanding&other things like it. Can you tell me where it says that? Where can I learn more about this? Find stuff for kids?  click for full text

Evolutionary Facts or Fiction?
Everyone with half a brain knows that evolution is a fact. Living things even look alike in their embryonic stages. How narrow minded you are! Your Sunday school kids look stupid.  click for full text

Quick-frozen Mammoth
How do creation scientists account for the "quick freeze" of that baby mammoth found in Siberia in 1977 with tropical vegetation still in its mouth?  click for full text

Genome Scientist Finds God
Chuck Missler Ph.D.   
If all the chemical letters in the human body were printed in books, it would fill the Grand Canyon 50 times!…a fertilized egg's info would fill 1000 books, 500 pgs. thick, with microscopic print..  click for full text

Resurrection - Physical?
Human Bodies?   
If we have real, "physical" or tangible bodies in Heaven, why does Paul refer to them as "spiritual bodies" in 1 Corinthians 15? I thought we would be more like ghosts than anything.

 click for full text

A Type of Resurrection?   
My co-author of this article, Mike, died in 2005. Thankfully, we were able to discuss death before he left. Are you prepared to die? This is the first question one should ask himself. Am I ready?  click for full text

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