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OK OK, we hear you! Thanks J.M.&K.D…these readers have suggested we start a section for kids. This is for kids, teens, college bound students and their parents. Enjoy!  click for full text

Alcohol at Family Parties
My sisters and parents are alcoholics and get drunk during holidays. Should I refuse to go? Should I leave when they get drunk? How is a Christian supposed to act in these circumstances?  click for full text

Children Endangered by Gospel?
Do Christian groups rob children of innocence and fill them with a negative self-image and aversion to critical thinking? Does the gospel teach kids to fear hell and damnation?  click for full text

Discipline of Arts&Music
4 Our Kids   
My child won't practice the piano even though we are spending $60 monthly for lessons. He won't do his homework, either. Any suggestions?  click for full text

Earth&Animals Stewardship
What does the Bible teach us about being good stewards of the earth and animals? Please include scripture references. I believe that God created man to be good stewards (D.M.)  click for full text

Faith Builder
Just a Cup of Water…   
Testimony of one of our rescue mission ladies…a real faith builder!  click for full text

Finding Bible Verses
A How-To Guide   
I'm in middle school. But, I don't know how to find bible verses. Like when my teacher asks us to look up Eph. 6:12 I don't understand what to do.  click for full text

Forcing Kids to Practice?
My parents forced me to practice karate, take tennis lessons and practice the piano. I hated it&swore I would never do this to my kids. Any reasons we should from the Bible's point of view?  click for full text

God's Supernatural Powers
I'm 11 years old and I just don't understand how God can watch or see everyone at the same time. (C.D., Oregon)  click for full text

Gospel 4 Kids
Leta Neiderheiser   03/06/2010
As a veteran in children's ministries Leta Neiderheiser is uniquely qualified to answer this question. How would you suggest presenting the gospel message to children in a simple but thorough manner?  click for full text

Home Schooling Impractical
We would love to home school our children. We read your article on Biblical Activism and would like to participate. But, it takes two incomes to support ourselves. Can you suggest alternatives?  click for full text

Job Training 4 Kids
In Jobless America?   
I have 3 kids in high school getting ready for college&job training. They all need advice on how to prepare to enter a somewhat "defunct" job market. How can they earn a living in our awful economy?  click for full text

KIDS Bible Survey Course
Veggie Tales Creator Phil Vischer   
A teaching series for our homeless kids at the Gospel Rescue Mission in Grants Pass, Oregon. Funny, Priceless, Creative and Loving. Check it out for your own kids, grandbabies or Sunday School.  click for full text

Kids Know When There's Trouble
My husband lost his job and I'm being laid-off next month. We could lose our home to foreclosure. Should I explain this to our kids? Will it make them fearful? Two are under age 6&one is 15.  click for full text

Kids' Faith Corner
Submitted by Cathy Millard   
Kids say amazing things! Gleaned from true stories, we hope you enjoy these little vignettes about the faith of our children. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me" - God loves them, too!  click for full text

Losing Pets 4 Kids
Overcoming Grief   
Help your grieving child cope with the loss of a cherished pet. Check-out this new article&feel free to print it out for sad kids who lost their pets. Give copies to your veterinarian, too.  click for full text

Outward Appearances Count?
My young son was in an accident and his face was messed up. He lost some teeth and has a swollen cheek and black eye. The other kids are teasing him. What can I tell him?  click for full text

Resurrection 4 Kids
It's hard for me to believe we can come back to life after we die. My friends don't believe. I don't think my teachers believe it either. Can you tell me how people can come back to life?  click for full text

Seth's Long Life
Hi. I'm 11 years old. I'm wondering why Seth lived to be 912 years old? How could he live so long? (C.D.)  click for full text

Sin Question 4 Kids
Could you tell me what sin is and why we need to be saved from it? I'm 10 years old.  click for full text

Trinity 4 Kids
I'm 12. I want to be a real Christian. But, I don't understand the trinity. How can you be God in heaven and Jesus on earth at the same time? How are we saved and from what? (D.C., Oregon)  click for full text

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