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Eschatology - Prophecy

Satan Reads Our Minds?
Can Satan or demons read our minds? Can he interfere with or stop our prayers? How can we fight against Satan if he is a spiritual force or intelligence who invades our brains?  click for full text

Prophecy Gifts Today?
Is there a difference between the New Testament gift of prophecy and the Old Testament prophets? Are there real prophets today? Should we believe the warnings about catastrophes&earth changes?  click for full text

Last Generation
Luke 21 vs. Matthew 24   
Why does the symbol of the fig tree and rebirth of the nation of Israel begin the last generation Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:34? Can we harmonize end-times descriptions in Matthew 24&Luke 21?  click for full text

Rapture Dating - Left Behind Movie
Beam Me Up   
Does the Bible refer to when Christians will be raptured? Isn't it possible that we may be raptured milliseconds before the tribulation? I can't see people disappearing like the movie "Left Behind"  click for full text

Wilkerson's Warning
Still Valid?   
I heard that David Wilkerson issued a prophecy warning to readers and churches in 2009. Do you think he could be right about a massive calamity coming?

Sadly, Wilkerson passed on. But, his warning…  click for full text

Verichip/VeriMed - the 666 Mark?
Could the "Verichip" implant from Digital Solutions, a Florida company, be the tribulation 666 mark of the beast? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Surviving Social Chaos
In America?   
Some smart people are warning that America is headed for social chaos, riots, shortages and gang activities that could threaten our families. What should we do to stay safe in this environment?  click for full text

Signs of the End Times
It's freaky. But, it seems all the signs Jesus warned us about are coming true: famines, earthquakes, tsunamis, earthquakes, horrid inflation&so on. How can we prepare? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Satan's Search&Destroy Mission
What is Satan's motive in searching out people to "devour?" Does possessing or destroying life somehow give him more power? Doesn't he already know that Jesus conquered death&that God won?  click for full text

Russia, EU,&China in Prophecy
In addition to the Islamic nations found in Psalm 83 that you wrote about before, are Russia, the EU and China anywhere in the Bible, too? (J.M.)  click for full text

Rapture Verse Proves Pre-Trib Position?
Or Post-Trib views?   
For decades we were confused by a statement in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 which both pre-trib and post-trib bible teachers used to "prove" their position. Which is it?  click for full text

Rapture like "Left Behind" Series?
Do you think the rapture will be like the "Left Behind" movies where cars and airplanes suddenly have no drivers or pilots?  click for full text

Rapture Hope Stolen
9 Reasons Why   
I am trying to figure out where this belief of a mid and post trib rapture is coming from. It's disturbing to have believed in a pre trib rapture and to hear Christians teach we were lied to. Why?  click for full text

Prophets Warning Us Today?
Are there real prophets in today's church? If so what do they tell us? Should we listen to them or believe them? If they are right about nuclear strikes, what can we do? Is America finished?  click for full text

Prophecy School of Jesus
Olivet or Temple Teachings?   
Complementary information but different audiences - is this why the gospels cannot be harmonized? To do so may lead readers astray.  click for full text

Prophecy Relevant Today?
Is the gift of prophecy relevant for today? What's the difference between the Old Testament prophets&the gift of prophecy in the New Testament? Is the U.S. doomed as some are saying?  click for full text

Prophecy Pointless?
Why should Christians study Bible prophecy? It seems it causes churches to go off the deep end. Christians become no better than Edgar Cayce kooks or Nostrodamus freaks. So what's the point of it?  click for full text

Prophecy of the Magi
Greatest Prophecy Ever Told   
The same angel who appeared to Mary and Zechariah announcing the births of Jesus and John, revealed to the prophet Daniel the exact date of the Messiah's appearance 500 years before it happened!  click for full text

Prophecy Avoided in Churches
I really enjoy the study of prophecy. But, it seems like many pastors avoid teaching it. Is there a reason for this? What's wrong with it? It makes sense of difficult times today.  click for full text

Portfolio for the Apocalypse
Profit from Prophecy?   
Can prophecy experts predict a good stock&bond portolio for our future? Since they know what the bible predicts can't they know this too? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Time to Look Up   
Can the Iran nuclear deal promote "peace and safety" in Israel? Why are world leaders saying "peace and safety" when these very words mean sudden destruction? Read bible verses from 1 Thess.5:3  click for full text

Passover Plot Revisited
I was reading how O.T. prophecy was fulfilled by Jesus. But, how do I know he wasn't just some guy who happened to be born in the right circumstances who made one heck of an ego trip?

 click for full text

New Jerusalem
Just a Metaphor?   
Isn't the New Jerusalem city just a biblical metaphor? Churches I've attended say that it isn't a real city but is a symbolic description of heaven.  click for full text

Millennium or New Jerusalem, Heaven?
What is the Millennium? New Jerusalem?

The Millennium is a distinct, limited 1000 year period of time after the dark tribulation days (coming soon to a theater near you).  click for full text

Middle East Conflict Prophesied?
I heard a speaker on History T.V. say that the current Middle East conflict and nations are prophesied in the Bible. Are they? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Microchip - the Tribulation Mark?
Are the tumors resulting from current microchip implants the same tumors caused by the "mark" in Revelation 16? Are the End Times before 2028? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Helpful Insights&False Prophets
James Borror, Th.D.   
Nostradamus? Jeane Dixon? Mediums? Only God is outside of time and space and knows all the future. The Bible tells us that God sees the end from the beginning and has planned and ordained all…  click for full text

 Global Currency Prophetic?
I'm curious about how all of these economic failures work into Bible prophecy. What do you think is the end result of all these banks collapsing worldwide?  click for full text

Free Will?
Why Wouldn't God Intervene?   
Why won't God intervene when a child darts out in traffic? God chooses who will be a follower or believer. So why should I bother with questions? Maybe I'm just not meant to believe…
 click for full text

Ezekiel 38 vs. Armageddon
Same battle described?   
What is the difference between the battle spoken of in Ezekiel 38 and the battle of Armageddon? Or are they the same?  click for full text

Easter Prophecy Unsurpassed
From Iraq's Ancient Babylon   
Astonishing! Unparalleled! Check-it out for yourselves…  click for full text

Disaster After Disaster
Crisis&Disasters - Is the world being judged? I've heard several pastors warn about this. So how should we respond if we are in judgment now? Can we do anything about it? Can we change God's mind?  click for full text

Richard Allen Reeves   
Of the hundreds of prophecies made in the Bible every one to date has come to pass exactly as foretold. …we can rest assured that prophecies yet to be fulfilled will happen.  click for full text

Assyrian Antichrist?
Could the antichrist be from a Moslem country? I know he is supposed to come from the EU. But, there are some Bible scholars who say differently. Just wondering…  click for full text

Battle that Wasn't?   
Why do you say Armageddon is "the battle that wasn't" if everyone says it's so awful? What makes it so bad?  click for full text

Antichrist Exists Now?
Do you think the Antichrist exists now? What would indicate his presence? What would he be like? How would we know?  click for full text

Anna the Prophetess
What kind of prophetess was Anna who was mentioned in Luke 2:36? I'm not sure I really understand what a prophetess is or how Anna fulfilled that role.
M.M.  click for full text

Amos 9 Prophecy Fulfilled in 1948?
I am interested in why you say Amos 9 is fulfilled in 1948 when James seems to be saying in Acts 15 that the gentiles coming to Christ was the fulfillment? (Dr. B.)  click for full text

America in Bible Prophecy?
Do you think we can find America in Bible prophecy? I mean, it's easy to find Israel, Islamic countries and the Far East. So where is America?

 click for full text

Real Threat?   
Do you think there's any real threat from the year 2012? I've been reading a lot about it online. Can Christians be forewarned of dates like this? Preparation necessary? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

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