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Economic Trends&Forecasts

Macy's Scams Elderly?
Bait n' Switch Con Job   
Macy's is no longer our classic American "Miracle on 34th. Street" department store. They have taken to apparently scamming the elderly with aggressive techniques. Let's protect our elderly.  click for full text

Shared Living - Finding Good Roommates
Can rescue mission residents find and be good roommates? Can shared living work out for people with personality problems?  click for full text

Assisting Jobless, Homeless Church Members
Christian Responsibility?   
Where does the "gift of hospitality" fit in with helping jobless or homeless people in our churches? We want to help but don't want someone to take advantage of our church members.  click for full text

Shared Living
Surviving on Small Salary   
How do you live on $15,000 or less per year? One of our homeless shelter ladies lives at the mission with two girls and their babies - no husbands. How do they survive?  click for full text

Beggars&Your Business
Concerned about beggars&panhandlers loitering near your business? Are they from the Gospel Rescue Mission? Positive steps citizens can take…  click for full text

Weathering the Economic Storm
I read your economic warnings from 5 years ago. But, I need to know what to tell the church I pastor. What should we be doing right now? How close are we to total collapse? (A concerned pastor)  click for full text

Surviving Tough Times
We've noticed a new trend in our neighborhood. Many families are moving in together. It's like a return of The Waltons where generations shared responsibilities in one, big home.  click for full text

Fiat Currency
Is it Biblical?   
Is "fiat" money mentioned in the Bible? If it is what does it say about it? Why are other countries putting a lot of their currency&dollar holdings into oil, silver&gold, like China? Opinions?  click for full text

Bankruptcy Sinful?
Is it a sin to declare bankruptcy? Should the church help us? We have a serious illness in the family, one spouse lost a job, and now we're about to lose our home. I am living in constant fear…  click for full text

Retirement Poverty
As a 65 year-old retiree in poor health, I am going to have to live on less than $14,000 per year. How can I survive on this? How can I trust for God's provision when I can't even afford necessities  click for full text

How to Help   
What's the best thing to do when I see beggars? When given money I know many of them head directly over to stores to buy liquor. But I want to teach my kids compassion,too. Any suggestions?  click for full text

Depression or Hyperinflation?
Where is it?   
I keep hearing all these threats that Americans will be caught in a deflationary depression or a Weimer hyperinflation. But, our taxes, food and gas are about the same. So what's the fear about?  click for full text

Protesting Banking Practices
What to Do?   
I'm furious our government&Federal Reserve are ruining the future of our kids&grandchildren by bailing out huge, unethical corporations with little oversight. What can we do about it?  click for full text

Economic Crisis Prophetic?
Do you think the current economic crisis&meltdown is a part of biblical prophecy? How does the global picture fit into this? And why would it fit now but didn't before?  click for full text

 Gangster Banksters
We have really good credit. But, yesterday I learned my interest rate has doubled&our minimum payment has also doubled. We can't afford this. So what does a Christian do to pay off debt?  click for full text

Tithing 10%
A Requirement?   
Where does it say we have to tithe 10% of our earnings to the church? We can't afford that and can barely pay our bills or taxes as it is. Is it a requirement for Christians?  click for full text

Financial Preaching
Ulterior Motives?   
Every time I turn on Christian television all they talk about is finances - how to get out of debt, live frugally, and give to "them" in this process. Should jobless people be giving to churches?  click for full text

Acceptable Goals?   
Do you think it's OK to carry a little bit of debt and to save for the future? I've heard others say any debt is terrible and having a savings account means we don't trust the Lord to provide for us.  click for full text

 Paying for Worldwide Failures
Courting Weimar?   
Many of you have asked what you should do in these perilous, financially difficult times. How can we keep bailing out everyone without failing ourselves? How can we stay solvent?  click for full text

Commodities Plummeting in Inflation?
Why do gold, silver and commodities fall in value if the government keeps printing money? Shouldn't that cause awful inflation? Why is the dollar increasing in value? Where should we put our money?  click for full text

 Dave Ramsey&Financial Gurus
What do you think of Dave Ramsey and other financial advisors like him for advice in this market? He and a few others seem like financial "gurus" to me. Should we invest for the long haul like them?  click for full text

Economic Devastation
I started reading your articles about financial devastation back in 2005. How did you know? Whom do we listen to for correct information?  click for full text

 America's Bail-Out
So what if the Secretary Treasurers do bailout or don't bailout the U.S. What does it matter anyway? I'm bored with the news and constant coverage of this issue.  click for full text

Economic Avalanche
I'm trying to understand what's going on in our economy. But, I can't get a handle on what Congress should do. What if they don't approve billions in bail out money? What is it we should be doing?  click for full text

 Market Crashes&Bank Failures
Coping in Scary Times   
The market crashes worldwide and bank failures are really beginning to scare me. Is there one simple thing that can help me overcome insecurity? I just can't remember many verses.  click for full text

Hyper De-Flation?
What is it?   
I read that hyper de-flation is possible in our country instead of hyperinflation. What does that mean? Should we bail out large firms? How should we prepare in light of all this?  click for full text

Loaning Money
In hard times?   
We have gone without&I often say "no" to my children when they ask for things. Yet, family members lived high and bought boats, homes, cell phones, etc. Should I loan them money now when asked?  click for full text

Hoarding Food Supplies?
Some of my friends got together and bought bags and bags of rice&other supplies from COSTCO because they are afraid of rationing and diminishing food supplies. Is this wrong?  click for full text

Food Crisis
What is causing the international food crisis all of a sudden? It seemed to come out of nowhere. What can Christians do about it?

(ed. - This problem&inflation will return by 2012 most likely).  click for full text

Amidst Inflation?   
I've read your articles about inflation. But, what does this mean to someone who is preparing to retire soon? What do I do? How can I counter inflation with my fixed pension?  click for full text

 Government Stats
I listen to a radio show where the host insists there is no inflation - which makes me feel crazy. Also, why do the CPI and the government say there is low inflation? I live on a fixed income…  click for full text

 Home Foreclosures
Finding Assistance   
I read your article on the mortgage meltdown&it helped me understand it. But, my Mom and brother are losing their homes. They are 81 and 47 years old. Neither are Christians. What can they do?  click for full text

Mortgage Meltdown
Lessons Learned   
I don't understand what happened with the mortgage meltdown. Can you explain why so many people are losing their homes? Why do they say this is like the Great Depression?  click for full text

What is "stagflation?" Is it worse than a depression? I heard a news report say the U.S. is entering a period of stagflation and it will be rough. If it's true what can we do to protect ourselves?  click for full text

Financial Crisis
No Solutions?   
I liked your article on the messed-up world economy and how Americans are being sold down the river. My only gripe is that ..you offer no alternatives. What about co-ops? Small business? Boycotts? JG  click for full text

 Giving Counts
In All Ways   
Is tithing 10% of my income to our local church the only way to give? Can't I donate time, labor, foodstuffs, aid to my elderly neighbors, and do other things like support T.V. evangelists?  click for full text

To Give or Not to Give
That is the Question   
I have over $30,000 in credit card debt. I can barely keep up with my mortgage. I have over $20,000 in student loans and still owe $11,000 for my car. Should I be giving when I'm in so much debt?  click for full text

Hyperinflationary Crisis?
In the U.S.?   
I heard after deflation America may become hyperiflationary. What's the difference between inflation and hyperinflation? How could we recognize it? What should we do if it happens?  click for full text

Retire in Luxury?
Not for Productive Christians   
Will we have enough money and health benefits to retire comfortably in 10 to 20 years. In 5 years? How about next year? Retirement magazines are filled cover to cover with photos of luxurious dreams..  click for full text

God "Toys" with Us?
Money is a real problem. It seems God is just "toying" with me. I pray for customers to pay us. But, contracts get broken or something breaks down. I'm reaching desperation.  click for full text

Dollar Peg Removed?
Countries keep announcing they are ending or lessoning the dollar peg. What does it mean? And what does it matter to Americans? Is it some sort of threat to me? Actions or steps to take?  click for full text

Financial Markets Rigged?
Conspiracy Theory?   
You don't think the financial markets are rigged? Check this out…  click for full text

Economic Earthquake
Fast Approaching?   
The U.S. financial situation really scares me. What can Christians do to secure their savings and retirement when all of us are in debt, many are losing homes, and a seeming Depression is upon us?  click for full text

Saving Money
Cash or Coins?   
One author says that Christians should never buy precious metals, but it is okay to save money in a bank savings account. Please explain how saving coins is wrong but a bank account is fine?  click for full text

 Debt&Money Worries for Christians?
My husband lost his job. We're $60,000 in debt on top of our $200,000 mortgage. We're making payments on a $37,000 car. We need braces and dental work…What does the Bible say about debt and…  click for full text

Holiday Shopping Alternatives
For a Strict Budget   
I agree that we should not involve our families in holiday shopping sprees which assist a "globalist-agenda." But, then what should we do? My kids love the shopping mall and stores at Christmas.  click for full text

 Selling Health Supplements
For Christians?   
I badly need extra money. So do you think it is wrong for Christians to work part time buying and selling health food supplements on Christian T.V., radio, magazines, at church and to neighbors?  click for full text

Global Economics Biblical?
Buying Junk   
Read this advice from early 2006!

We're not supposed to "love the world" or "lust after things" (1 Jn 2:15-17). So how do we stop buying stuff when we're all programmed to do it?  click for full text

A Financial Tsunami - Coming our Way?
2005 Warnings   04/07/2006
Want to see what "prophets"&reputable economists warned from the years 2004 through early 2006?

Most Americans refused to listen. Did you?  click for full text

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