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Biblical Worldview

A Word Skillfully Spoken
by Mike Quigley   
Should Christians change the nation's laws, behaviors and culture? Or should believers bring the lost to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, letting Him change hearts?  click for full text

Backslidden but Saved?
I'm living in sin and I know it. I guess you could call me a backslidden Christian. My question is how do I know I'm saved even though I'm sinning? Will I be in heaven? In a rapture?  click for full text

Beauty&Youth Cults
In Church?   
I'm in my late forties and having a terrible time with aging. Everywhere we worship the young, thin&beautiful and there are no older role models. How can aging Christians cope with this?  click for full text

I've been damaged by the bigotry of humans. The selfishness and segregation sickens me. So I doubt churches. I doubt cults. I won't be controlled. But, I can trust, learn&grow. (A.M.)  click for full text

Brainwashed Americans
30 Second Sound-Bite Christians   
In the middle of worldwide unfolding crisis&economic disaster all my family wants to do is watch T.V.&sports 24/7. It seems perverted to me. But, I don't know what to do about it anymore. Help!  click for full text

Breaking Strongholds
Satan, the god of this evil world, has blinded the minds of those who don't believe, so they are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News that is shining upon them. (2 Cor. 4:3-4, NLT)  click for full text

Bummer Baby Boomer Question
What have I done with my Life?   
Baby Boomers are faced with an awful question: What have I done with my life? Sadly, we know the answer. We turned our backs on everything sacred&dear, squandered our lives,&became vacant…  click for full text

Checklist for our Lives
"This is just a test." That's our lives on earth - spiritual boot camp and a short quiz, over before we know it. A puff of hot air…a quick burst of hairspray. That's life.  click for full text

Real Believers?   
80% of Americans say they are Christians. But, many people who say they are Christians are really not. Because of this, the greatest mission field is right in our own churches - not just in China!  click for full text

Not in my backyard…   
I like my church. But, each year the elders vote down deaconesses. Many of our women are "champions" of the faith and help a lot with needs in church (which our deacons need). Should I leave?  click for full text

Or Anything Goes?   
"Hey, man…whatever works for you…" "Just love em…" "Don't make waves, man…" How many of us have encountered answers like these when we question church goers about things pertaining to faith?  click for full text

Discipline Means He Loves Us
Just like disciplining our children   
I am having a difficult time coping with something I did that harmed others close to me. How can I be restored to fellowship and God's love again? Because, I think God is disciplining me.  click for full text

 Doing Something Worthwhile
With Limitations?   
My wife&I started an online ministry similar to yours after we retired. We enjoy it. But, we can't travel to teach bible studies or visit people in hospitals like we used to due to health…  click for full text

Doormat Theology
"Walk on Me"   
"Doormat theology" isn't my idea of how a Christian should behave. I was taught to stand up for my rights and fight against evil. There's nothing virtuous about pursuing "peace" over what's right.  click for full text

Evangelicals Sinning
Disciplining our Own?   
Why is it you evangelicals always focus on the obvious sexual sins in condeming unbelievers when you will never judge your own? (James E.)  click for full text

Fatalistic Faith
Or Biblical Activists?   
Some people think Christians can display a kind of biblical fatalism by not being activists in politics, globalism, trade policies and other things which may be destructive to our country. Thoughts?  click for full text

Female Roles in Christianity
Backward Fundamentalists?   
I read your articles on "Biblical Feminism" and "Women - Saved through Childbirth?" Are you some kind of backward fundamentalist female-haters who think women are inferior to men?  click for full text

Force of God in His Church
Kenneth Emilio   
The Church as an institution is founded on three pillars. The Absolute Authority of God and Christ, The Absolute Authority of Scripture, and the Unity of Christians created by Individual Holiness.  click for full text

Giving Aid
Assessing Needs vs. Wants   
How do you decide which people deserve aid? I don't want to just give my money to beggars parked outside Wal-Mart or on the corner.  click for full text

God's Will for Me
How to Find it   
I would like to do something more for God. But, I don't think my job and parental role fulfill what the Lord wants me to do. How do we find God's will for our lives?  click for full text

Hearing from God
How does He speak to Us?   
How do people "hear" from God? Why do they say, "The Lord told me to do this." Or, "we prayed about it and the Lord told us to move?" How can we really know when God speaks to us?  click for full text

Holy Spirit uses Sinners?
I heard a TV evangelist say that if I'm sinning the Holy Spirit cannot use me. Is that true?  click for full text

Hospitality the Biblical Way
What is true "biblical hospitality?" Is it someone who gives terrific dinner parties for people at church. Is it someone who entertains others or organizes potlucks? Is this the gift of "hospitality?  click for full text

Jesus Chastising Leaders
A Model for Us?   
How can we integrate Christ's example of chastising the leaders of his day who were a disappointment to him? (M.M.)

Great question!  click for full text

Just Living in an Unjust World
Reader's Comment: I don't have the answers - just more questions…What saves me from ruin is finding grace in small acts of charity…Keep up the good work. The world needs people who think, care,  click for full text

Missions in our Backyards
There are so many poor people in the world - and many seem to have come into hard times through no fault of their own - like tsunamis, earthquakes, or hurricanes. What should we do&how can we help?  click for full text

New Atheism
What is it?   
Just what is the "New Atheism" you talk about in your article, "Worthless Machines?" How is it different from traditional atheism? What do they advocate? Who are they?  click for full text

New Year's Resolutions
How to Keep Them   
How often we feel we failed. We lost our job. Or our marriage fell apart. We didn't lose 20 lbs. Or we lost our home. So much for New Year's resolutions. But, is there a way to keep them?  click for full text

Organized Religion
I have experienced organized religion…in fact suffered greatly because of it. I do not trust judgmental institutions…those who proclaim holiness, fear and control, face-value pietism and hypocrisy  click for full text

Pastors Self-Destructing
Not only is the pastor expected to live a life of poverty, to research and present scholarly sermons, and to put up with our rude behaviors, but a pastor is also expected to maintain a good attitude..  click for full text

Phones, TV&Computers Evil ?
Do you think the phone or TV is a tool of the devil? My grandma does.  click for full text

Positive Confession
Or God's Wrath?   
Some say Christians should be like Joshua when he entered the Promised Land - having only a positive attitude and no fear about anythng. They say we should never say or think negative things…  click for full text

Prayer a Waste of Time?
I had a job interview for a job I really wanted and needed. I prayed before, during and after the interview. I was well qualified. But, I didn't get the job. I wonder - Is praying just a waste of time  click for full text

Prayer Changes Things?
I read your article on "Chance?" and thought it was really good. I agree God is sovereign over all. But, I wonder why we should pray or ask for things if God has already predestined everything?  click for full text

Prayer for Small Things
Is it wrong to pray for a broken toe, arthritis, mental depression&similar things? Our pastor made negative comments about prayers like these. Comments?  click for full text

Prayers Unanswered
Why doesn't God answer our prayers?

Sometimes our motives are wrong. Asking for a Ferrari and a 10,000 square foot mansion may not be God's Will for you.  click for full text

Setting Right Ones   
If you had to decide what really counts in life what would it be? What should be our priorities? How can we focus on things that matter&disregard the rest in our materialistic society?  click for full text

Relationship with Unbeliever
Partnering with Belial?   
My boyfriend doesn't want to have anything to do with me because I'm not a Christian. He said to write to you. Is this fair? I can't help what I believe&think I'm a good person anyway.  click for full text

Salvation Rejected due to Churches?
My best friend rejected salvation because she says the pastor was unfriendly and her church didn't care about her. They were not "Christlike" in her words. What should I tell her?  click for full text

Selling Out or Living for Christ?
Shared by Rich Reeves   
A preacher accepted a call to a church in Houston. He had an occasion to ride the bus from his home to the downtown area. When he sat down, he discovered that the driver had accidentally given him a  click for full text

Servant Leadership Among the Poor
The world defines success as the rich, famous, heads of state, dignitaries, go-getters, etc. But, what is the biblical model of success?  click for full text

Sins Hierarchy
Are Some Worse Than Others?   
Do you think that some sins are worse than others? Is there anything in the bible about it? Thanks…(J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Sovereignty or Choice?
James Borror, Th.D.   09/04/2006
Like two parallel lines that do not meet on this side of eternity, both God's sovereignty and man's freedom are truths clearly taught in Scripture, yet they are never harmonized.  click for full text

Sowing Seed Faith
What is it?   
I watch Christian T.V. and keep hearing about "positive confession" and "sowing seed faith." Can you explain what this is?  click for full text

Spiritual Forces of Evil
Who and what are the spiritual forces of evil the apostle Paul says we are fighting in Eph. 6:12? Where do they come from and what is their purpose?

New scholarly research gives fascinating answers!  click for full text

Spiritual Gifts
What are They?   
I understand that we are supposed to do our jobs as if we were working for the Lord. There is no such thing as sacred versus secular work. But, how do we know what our gifts are in the church?  click for full text

Thankful for Many Things
I know a man who was thrown into a dark, damp, cold, stinky prison who was scheduled to be executed. He had no hope. But, here is what he said.  click for full text

Wars Always Caused By Religion?
Orwellian Lies   
Why is religion the leading cause of war throughout history? (M.A.)  click for full text

Witnessing to Others
A Terrifying Task   
I find it hard to witness to my friends&family in our current culture. It seems like everyone is more hostile to the gospel than before. Do you have an opinion on this subject?  click for full text

Accusations, Rumors&Gossip
How are Christians supposed to respond when someone or an organization is accused of something bad?  click for full text

Holiday Shopping Sprees
Do you think Christians should be involved in holiday shopping sprees? We used to enjoy it but we really can't afford it anymore. Besides, I'm wondering if it's something Christians should do anyway.  click for full text

Nations - Does God Intervene?
I've heard some pastors say that God doesn't deal with nations today because we are living in the age of grace. Is that true?  click for full text

Prayer Distractions
How do people pray? For some reason I just can't concentrate when I pray. There are too many things distracting me every few seconds. Do you have any suggestions to help me? Thanks.  click for full text

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