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Family - Marriage

Early Church Said Nothing?   
I heard a Congress person say the early church and the Bible say nothing against the practice of abortion. Is this true? Did the Bible&early church really say nothing concerning abortion?  click for full text

Born Sinful?
Babies Innocent?   
Are babies really innocent? Are we born evil with a sin nature? Or are we born as a blank slate? Did Jesus have a sin nature? Could he really sin or was it impossible if He wasn't born in sin?  click for full text

Celebrate in Judgment?
Given that our country is probably under judgment and so many are suffering hardship, do you think it's OK to celebrate and have fun, too?  click for full text

Church Disruptions from Disability
I have a breathing problem. Church people tell me to "cut it out" (just kidding). So I quit going to church, too. I would appreciate your suggestions for my peculiar problem.  click for full text

Affront to God's Providential Care?   
"It's too hard…can't do it…too tired…it's too hot…" Paul warns that complaining and whining is a serious sin. Here's why.  click for full text

Practical Rites   
Can you explain how we confess our sins and repent of them so we don't have to be judged later? I can't find your article about this&would like to print it out for my Bible Study.  click for full text

Consequences of Sin
Paying for it Now?   
Remnant Report shares this with you not to be "bossy," but to help you live a life that will bring you ultimate joy and happiness beyond what you could ever imagine!  click for full text

Fear - More than Conquerors
James Borror, Th.D.   
How to conquer our fears - Gems of wisdom from our father in the faith. Dr. Borror is a professor at Talbot, founded Golden Minutes Ministries and recently began Bible Coach Online.  click for full text

God Cares?
When we feel abandoned and alone, what can we do? When their lives are a mess and they feel like no one cares, what do we tell our homeless residents in the Gospel Rescue Mission?  click for full text

Here we go again..Xmas&Chanukah
Pastor Ron Timen   
HERE WE GO AGAIN!!… Pastor Ron gives us his sage advice on gearing up for the Christmas and Chanukah gift giving frenzy. By the way - nice helmet Pastor Ron!  click for full text

Homeless Segments
Who are they?   
We used to see homeless people as white, male, drunks or drug addicts in their fifties. Now at least half are families with kids. Who are they? Where do they stay? How do they survive?  click for full text

Judge Not
by Dr. David J. Nixon   
This short, humorous poem gives us "food for thought." It applies to all of us as we grow in our faith and become more discerning in everything we do. Let's watch how we judge others, too.  click for full text

Judgmental Fearful Site
Your website is full of fear and judgment. For you to pass judgment on Paula White is far from a Christian viewpoint. Did you know Joyce Meyer had plastic surgery, owns a jet&expensive homes?
 click for full text

 Manipulative Marriage Partners
How to Handle Situations   
My wife "plays" our pastor against me. She blows up if I suggest certain scriptures but accepts them if the pastor gives them. She gets angry and hostile with me but does what the pastor wants.  click for full text

Marriage Abandoned
No Responsibilities Anymore   
I don't love my spouse and don't want to be married anymore or have responsiblities. I have several kids&have been married over a decade. Don't I have the right to live a fulfilled life?  click for full text

Obese Christians
Feelings of Inferiority   
I'm about 70 lbs. overweight and I constantly feel like I'm inferior to others. I don't want to go outside my home and I don't like people to see me in church. Suggestions?  click for full text

Prayers of Unbelievers
Does God Hear Them?   
Isn't it true that if I am not a Christian that God wouldn't hear my prayers anyway? Does God really hear the prayers of unbelievers?  click for full text

Remembering You
After Death?   
Think about this. Who's going to remember you after you die? For how long? For 50 years? 100? And then what? Who are you then? The truth hurts, doesn't it? We're Nobody…ouch…or are we?  click for full text

Standard of Living
going lower&lower…   
I'm really scared. My husband isn't working and it looks like I may lose my job. We can't afford healthcare anymore because it now costs us over $1,000 monthly. Our house payments are going up and…  click for full text

Sufferers or Pampered
Here and Now   
Televangelists say God wants us to have nice things like good jobs, homes and cars. Why do you think this is not scriptural? Why should we put up with ridicule or suffering? What's the point?  click for full text

 Teach Us to Number Our Days
V&K Emilio - Mike Frisbie   
I read a story on your website about a logger who went back to school&got his degree in his 50s&died. Where is it? It was inspiring&I want to share it with someone.

Thanks - here it is…  click for full text

 Trusting the Lord
When Finances are Failing   
In a day when banks are failing, mortgage companies&other businesses are going "belly up," and people are losing their homes and life savings, what should we do or think?  click for full text

Women's Exemplary Roles
Doing What?   
I read your articles on biblical feminism and related issues. I agree with you about the Bible being God's Word. So what can women do? If they can't preach and they stay home, what's left?  click for full text

 Work or Ministry?
Are they Separate?   
I want to dedicate my life to Christ and I would like to do Christian work. But, I can't afford to quit my job to go back to school and work in ministry.  click for full text

Marriage in Hard Times
Coping Skills   
We are raising teens. A few years ago my husband lost his job. This is making things very difficult to live with. It also affects our relationships with our kids.  click for full text

 Ancestor Worship Revived
A Secular Pursuit   
Several relatives have become involved in tracing their genealogies. One parent thinks her kids are genetic misfits because of mental illness in the family. Never mind that she might be the problem!  click for full text

Hearing God - Not the Culture
Avoiding Psychics&Shrinks   
How can I hear from God and know what He wants me to do? I used to follow my daily horoscope, visit a gifted, local psychic, and listen to my therapist. I desperately need to know what to do.  click for full text

Military Kids at Risk
Parent Anxieties   
All three of my children are serving in the military. I worry about them every minute of every day. How can I control my fears?  click for full text

 Ten Commandments Revised Edition
Just one God. Watch yer mouth. Honor yer Ma&Pa. No killin. No tellin' tales or gossipin.'… Try memorizing these 10 - they ain't hard.  click for full text

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