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Bible Studies - Home and Church

Studies in II Peter
Studies in II Peter

Studies In Daniel
Studies In Daniel

Accepting Sin
Hate the Sin&Love the Sinner?   
I keep hearing we should accept all lifestyles&people including murderers and drug addicts. Aren't we supposed to "hate the sin&just love the sinner?"  click for full text

Ark of the Covenant
Can you explain in simple terms what the Ark of the Covenant was all about? Do we need to find it like "Raiders of the Lost Ark" portray?

Get ready for a stunning revelation! Prophetic dynamite..  click for full text

Bigger Better?
Kurt Krowel   
We are so used to counting nickels and noses as sure signs of God's blessing and handiwork that when those signs are absent, we conclude that God's hand of blessing was absent too.  click for full text

Body - Temple of Holy Spirit?
Check Your Study Bible   
TV preachers often say that our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and because of this we should take care of the body through proper diet, exercise, and nutrition. Is this true?  click for full text

Catholicism - Roman
Only path to Salvation?   
I heard a priest say that people can only be saved within the Roman Catholic Church. Is there any truth to his claim at all? And how do we respond to this?

 click for full text

Catholics Pray for Their Dead
Why do Catholics pray for the dead but Protestants think it's evil to pray for our deceased family?  click for full text

Church Hierarchy
What is it?   
Oddly, the least common name for an elder is "pastor." It is referenced only once in Ephesians 4:11 where Paul writes of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. What does this mean?  click for full text

Consistent Christian Walk
A How-To Guide   
Sometimes I find it really hard to keep going to church, read my Bible and associate with church friends. I grew up in a dysfunctional family&am prone to depression and isolation. Any suggestions?  click for full text

Denominational Differences
Do they matter?   
I think the differences of denominations is a clear sign that nobody is absolutely correct…more so they are petty and fall into the pharisaical…"the separated ones" (MJA)  click for full text

Gift or Command?   
My Christian friends and church tell me I should be "winning souls." But, people run the other direction when I witness to them. I've tried Ray Comfort's methods and the Four Spiritual Laws. Help!  click for full text

Fear - Tackling this Joy Stealer
Kurt Krowel   
Did you know that the opposite of faith is not unbelief, like most of us suppose. The opposite of faith is fear…But fear can be tackled by faith in the God who knows and controls the future.  click for full text

Fear - Tackling this Joy Stealer part 2
Fear and faith, although they're opposite of one another, share something in common - the future, the unknown. Often times, we fear what is ahead.  click for full text

Gifts Applied to Everyone?
A friend says everyone has the gift of evangelism&hospitality&should make it our first priority. Is it true that everyone has these gifts? Can you give a simple overview of gifts&how they work?  click for full text

 Incest&Adultery Acceptable?
Why Then&Not Now?   
Because of incest and adultery which produced two nations, the Arabs and Jews, we have been at war ever since. How can incest and adultery have been acceptable then, but not now? Does God change?  click for full text

Jezebel Reference in Revelation
Can you explain to me what is meant by the passage in Revelation 2:20 about the prophetess Jezebel? I'd like to know because many say the "spirit of Jezebel" is infecting the modern church. Thanks.  click for full text

Jezebel's Repentance Possible?
Does Revelation 2:20-23 mean that God gave Jezebel space to repent for her false teachings in the church? Or was it previous immorality leading up to her being a false teacher?  click for full text

 Leadership Qualities
Husband of One Wife?   
One of our church members has been remarried two times although his circumstances make sense. Still, has he violated 1 Timothy 3:2?  click for full text

Loving the World
What does the Bible mean when it says, "Do not love the world or anything in it?" (1 John 2:15-17)  click for full text

Mark of Cain
What is it?   
The Mark of Cain was not the curse of Cain, and it had nothing to do with black-skinned descendants of Ham. These are myths! So what is the Mark of Cain?  click for full text

Original Sin&Total Depravity
What is it Exactly?   
What is "original sin" or "total depravity?" What does it mean and how does it affect mankind?  click for full text

Pray Not For These People
What does this mean?   
I was shocked to find passages where God tells Jeremiah not to pray for the Israelites anymore! Does that mean God gives up on some people? Should we quit praying? When? (T.M.)  click for full text

Praying "In His Name"
What does that mean?   
Why do we pray in His name? It is interesting that it is only at the name of "Jesus" that unbelievers are offended. They are not offended when we say "Mohammad" or "Buddha." Why is that?  click for full text

Psalm 91&Other Passages
Calming Many Fears   
Worried about the bird flu or worldwide pandemics? Fear terrorists&the safety of your family? We are children of God under His divine protection at all times! All is filtered first through Him…  click for full text

Her Identity   
Is the Rahab that married Salmon in Mathew 1:5 the same Rahab that aided the spies in the Old Testament? King James has a different spelling. The genealogy is a little long, about 133 years. V.P.  click for full text

Reality of Salvation
The Feeling Part   
I accept the intellectual part of Christianity and the historicity of Jesus. But, I'm lacking the emotional part of believing. Do you think I can be "saved" if I feel like this?  click for full text

Rebuke the Devil?
Claim our Authority?   
My minister said we should rebuke the devil and claim our authority over him. Is this right?  click for full text

THEOLOGY - One Bite at a Time
Our newest category! These are essays for folks who want to go deeper into their Bible studies but do not have the time to read a lot of scholarly books.  click for full text

Unbelievers in Bible Study?
Should unbelievers be invited to Bible Study groups? We would like to invite a college student to attend our group. But, a few of our members are against inviting someone who doesn't believe in God  click for full text

Whatever We Ask We Receive?
Do we really receive everything we ask for in prayer like Mark 11:24&1 John 3:22 says?  click for full text

White Stone - New Name
The White Stone of Revelation 2:17 has captured the imagination of Christians for centuries. Believers may have different ideas about it but they all agree the White Stone is something wonderful!  click for full text

Women Saved through Childbirth?
1 Timothy 2 passage   
What does 1 Timothy 2:15 mean when it says that a woman "will be saved through childbearing…?"

(I'm going to turn over this question and answer to my wife).  click for full text

I just have a basic, simple question. How do I add daily devotions to my prayer life? Is there a difference between having daily devotions and studying the Bible? Is this something God asks of us?  click for full text

Research Tools
For Simple Bible Study   
How do you use bible research tools and which ones should I own? Please keep it simple. I'm not a great student.  click for full text

Bibles for Devotions
Up to now we have looked at which Bible translation to use and which study Bibles are useful. We thought you might appreciate some help choosing a Devotional Bible and reading routine as well.
 click for full text

Eagle Wings - Patterns in Revelation
Ken Emilio   
Revelation Studies
Eagles wings are a recurring pattern in the Old Testament which represent a number of possible insights that we can apply to the woman of Revelation 12 and her encounter with the serpent.
 click for full text

How Often?   
If the early church "broke bread" whenever they came together, why do we celebrate just once monthly?  click for full text

Getting to Know a Holy God - Part 1
Pastor Kurt   
It shapes our morals&ethical standards, our responses to pain, gives us strength, keeps us faithful, enhances worship, gives meaning&significance - it is our foundation!  click for full text

Getting to Know the God You Worship - Part 2
Pastor Kurt   
Four Positive benefits to getting to know God.  click for full text

Getting to Know the God You Worship
Pastor Kurt   
Knowing about God, the object of our worship, is not the same as knowing God Himself.  click for full text

A Profile of Enduring Faith
Kurt Krowel   
What is "faith?" Don't answer too quickly! As you consider the answer, let me share a tragic story about what one couple thought true faith was.  click for full text

A Profile of Enduring Faith - Endurance
Kurt Krowel   
We've been looking at what it means to have a faith that goes the distance, a faith that hangs in there when the going gets tough - how we can develop trust in God that grows stronger as trials grow..  click for full text

A Profile of Enduring Faith - Training
Kurt Krowel   
"Going for the Gold" (Heb. 12:1-3). Paul said, "I have finished the course, I have kept the faith. In the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness…  click for full text

A Profile of Enduring Faith - Courage
Kurt Krowel   
Taking a stand for religious values is not popular in our culture today. If you look at general consensus of how Christians exercise their faith, it could be summed up as "privately."  click for full text

A Profile of Enduring Faith - Finishing
Kurt Krowel   
His name was John&he was the last to finish the marathon in 1968. His leg was bandaged and bloody. He had taken a bad fall and all he could do was limp around the track…  click for full text

A Profile of Enduring Faith - Opposition
Kurt Krowel   
From the time he came to faith in Christ Paul faced opposition. The hurdles placed in his place were both constant and cruel. He was heckled, rejected, cursed, hunted, abandoned, beaten, whipped…  click for full text

A Profile of Enduring Faith - Loneliness
Kurt Krowel   
Few emotions we're forced to face are more painful than loneliness. Think about the widowed spouse whose table for two is now set for one, or the young couple whose empty arms ache for the child…  click for full text

Worshiping a Holy God
Kurt Krowel   
What is God really like? Figuring this out is sort of like trying to put an infinite God into a finite mind.  click for full text

Bible Reading
Why Bother?   
What's the point in reading and studying the Bible every day? Shouldn't we work on how we act - not how we study? Shouldn't we work on being a Christian - not reading "about" being a Christian?  click for full text

Bibles for Study
Church Preferences…   
Which translation and study Bible should I use? There are so many on the market that I find it confusing. I would like to settle on just one.  click for full text

Every Word
A Biblical Concept   
Believer? Non believer? …Doesn't matter. Every careless word, every thought, every deed, counts for eternity. Nothing is lost: not our DNA, not our voice sound-waves, nor a record of our deeds..  click for full text

Pastors Biblical Role
What is a pastor supposed to be and do? We're choosing a new pastor at our church and there are lots of ideas about what makes a good pastor. What does Scripture say?  click for full text

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