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"A Nation in Rebellion"
Guess Who Wrote It?   
"So many worldly pastors tell lies about our Rock, Saying God is going broke so they can fleece the flock"…

Any idea who wrote the following poem? Read it and guess…  click for full text

Avatar - Earth Worship?
In answering your questions about "Avatar's" earth worship&pantheism, don't forget that the word "Avatar" means "incarnation" in Sanskrit. Let's explore this with an open mind&teach our kids…  click for full text

Avatar's "Peace Child"
I read a critical review of "Avatar" in Dave Hunt's newsletter. He says the movie promotes shamanism and we shouldn't read Christianity into popular movies or it's syncretism&ecumensism. Thoughts?  click for full text

Bees Vanishing
Famines Coming?   
What do you think about the disappearing bees? Is there a religious meaning to it?

Sometimes I feel like weeping over man's disregard for God's creative genius, and for man's utter ungratefulness.  click for full text

Chuck Missler - Surprise Visit
Check out this quote. It's quintessential Chuck Missler! He gave us a treat this Halloween by visiting the Mission on October 30th.  click for full text

Dead Sea Scroll Reborn
Suffering Messiah Found?   
I heard there is a new Dead Sea Scroll found recently that supports resurrection. Is this true? What does it mean for Christianity?  click for full text

Fed Pulls Plug
This report blows the lid off of the myth that the 1929 stock crash was due to market excesses built into the system. In fact it was a contrived crash dealt to Americans by the Federal Reserve.  click for full text

A Modern Parable   
A little tired after attending the fair, we stopped by to watch "Fireproof" - a new Christian movie. We didn't expect much. But, we were stunned by its layers of meaning - a modern parable.  click for full text

Gambling Sinful?
My folks love to gamble in Vegas. They go there at least 3 times yearly. They are Christians but don't see anything wrong with it. Should I say anything to them about their behaviors?  click for full text

 Hate Crimes Bill
Do you think the hate crimes bill could negatively affect churches&their pastors' freedom-of-speech rights? Our pastor warned this is a slippery-slope issue&could get pastors thrown into jail.  click for full text

Indoctrinating Children
Why would you indoctrinate a baby into religion and not give them the right to vote at the same time? Is that not insecurity in your own beliefs setting a fine enough example? (A.M.)  click for full text

Journalist's Encouragement
Animals in Heaven?   
We want to share with our readers an inspiring, encouraging comment from a newspaper columnist. We have changed the name&left out details to protect the author. (Remnant Report Editors)  click for full text

 Judging U.S. States
Does God judge individual states like California? The fires around there are bad enough. But, then I saw in the news that there are strange hot spots reaching 800 degrees! A geologist said it's weird.  click for full text

 Magazine Ridicules Biblical Finance
My friend gave me an article from "Money Magazine" (June 09) that seems to poke fun at Christians who depend upon God for their finances. I wonder how I should respond to it.  click for full text

 Mickey Mouse Redefined
Recently I heard that Mickey Mouse is used as a terrorist training tool for Islamic children. Is this true?

Yes. This is a "disconnect" for the Western world. We don't know what to do with it.  click for full text

Military Service Murder?
When a soldier signs himself into the army, marines, or navy is the person granted a pass to kill? I think I could only do this if the enemy was invading my home to kill me or my family. (J.M., WA)  click for full text

Movie, "The Fourth Kind"
Aliens or Demons?   
I know you like sci-fi. So I'm wondering if you've seen the movie "The Fourth Kind?" If you did what do you think of it&could the transcripts of alien abductions be real?  click for full text

Music Evil?
Church Praise Groups   
Do you think our church Praise groups or rock music is evil? Should it be banned in worship? I worry about its effects on our children&am curious if the Bible says anything about it?  click for full text

Mysteries of the Universe
Chuck Missler PhD   
Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. In this case, "it" is what physicists call "dark matter." In his article Dr. Missler teaches how the universe displays the attributes of God  click for full text

Nativity Story
Social History at its Best   
In "The Nativity Story" we see what Bethlehem or Nazareth probably looked like in first-century Israel. What did they wear, eat, learn? Finest in cultural history and classical music. Enjoy!  click for full text

 News Blackouts
I turned on late news&was shocked to see upheavals, rioting&social unrest in China - going on right now. Why do you think we are not hearing about this on regular broadcasts or radio news?  click for full text

News Sources
I read some of your questions and answers and have wondered what you recommend for good news sources? (S.N.)  click for full text

Noah's Ark Photography?
For real?   
Photo Credit - CNN
Did NASA really photograph Noah's Ark, or is this just one more false alarm to keep Christians off balance? You decide.  click for full text

Following God's Will   
What do we do in a "night season" when life turns bitter and everything goes wrong?  click for full text

PBS Bible Documentaries
We watched a PBS documentary about the Old Testament. It was disrespectful of Judaic&Christian beliefs and included an accusation that man created God.  click for full text

Political Remarks in Sermons
A pastor has been making critical remarks about one of the political candidates. Not only is he spreading falsehoods, I don't want my kids thinking God doesn't love Democratic Christians. Thoughts?  click for full text

Politics in Churches
Avoiding the Subject?   
How come you'll write about economics but you won't write about the current political administration?  click for full text

Ponzi Gospel
Avoiding Rip-Offs   
It really bothers me that Bernie Madoff exploited many Christians. Also, another preacher took Christians for millions, too. How can the church protect itself against this kind of fraud&schemes?  click for full text

 Pulpit Freedom Sunday
Freedom of Speech in Church?   
Do you think pastors should be telling church members which candidate to vote for? Is the IRS rule wrong that says church leaders should not mix politics and religion or they will lose tax exemption?  click for full text

Obstacles to Job App   
I applied for a job as a teaching sub - I have a degree, passed the tests - but I have a spot on my record due to something I did over 25 years ago. They are making me "jumb through hoops" unfairly  click for full text

 Russian/Georgia Attack Prophetic?
Could the Russian attack against Georgia be related to bible prophecy?  click for full text

Self Worth in Self Photo?   
Around 100 million people take their own "Selfies" each day! Is this where we get our value and self esteem? Let me count the "likes" you got&I'll tell you how much you count.  click for full text

Star Trek Nation
Eat Your Heart Out   
Who are the true inheritors of Star Trek's "boldly going where no man has gone before?" Who will explore the cosmos and take part in governing exciting new places? You may be shocked and surprised…  click for full text

Stock Market Volatility
Christian Investing   
I'm saving money in a brokerage account. But, the stock market volatility is scaring me. Can you explain what's going on and what I should be doing? I want to be a good "steward" of God's resources  click for full text

T'was the Month before Christmas
A very un PC poem for laughs…  click for full text

Take Back America Movement
My church has become involved in the "Take Back America" movement. Shouldn't this be something Christians support wholeheartedly? What else can we do to bring back morality in our country?  click for full text

 Television Programs
I've heard you say what you don't like on T.V. But, can you list some of the T.V. programs on Christian television that you do recommend?  click for full text

The Shallowest Generation
James Quinn, Wharton School of Bus.   
Written by a Director at Wharton, one of the finest business schools in the USA. This wake-up call is for Boomers who spend more eating out than give to charity. We are all guilty but there is hope.  click for full text

Thrift Shop Bonanza
Want a creative idea for gifts that keep on giving this year? Try this…  click for full text

U.S. Foreign Policy&Evangelicals
"Foreign Affairs" Vol. 85 num. 5   
Article Review - Ken Emilio
Religion has always been a major force in U.S. politics, but the recent surge in the number and power of evangelicals is recasting the country's political scene with dramatic implications  click for full text

Watchman Warns America
David Wilkerson   
Editor, V Emilio
Due to the stunning fulfillment of Wilkerson's visions, this 1973 book was reprinted in 2003. I have both copies. What is he warning today?  click for full text

Watchman Warns part 2
David Wilkerson   
Editor, V&K Emilio
When David Wilkerson speaks, I listen. And so should the rest of us if we care about our children's and grandchildren's future. Watchman Wilkerson has sounded the trumpet again.  click for full text

Wealth Transfer
To Greedy Christians?   
"He became poor that you might become rich" (2 Cor. 8:9). Does this verse mean Christians get the world's riches in this lifetime? Why are some teaching we deserve wealth now? What should we say?  click for full text

Reclaiming the Arts
Pastor Ron Timen   
Let the dancers dance…let the singers sing…let the writers write…and the artisans create…BE RELEASED! Break from man's pride and the fear of man. Let's have deliverance!  click for full text

Activism Worth Supporting
I like your points against traditional political activism. Our two-party system is really just 1 party anyway. It's a false system. But, then what kind of activism IS worthy of our support?  click for full text

 Political Activism
Should Christians be involved in political activism like tea parties, protest marches and writing letters to Congress? Isn't this our moral duty in our Republic, a representative form of government?  click for full text

God's Ownership&Our Rewards
Who is he? In 1990 he was a successful pastor of a large church. Then he lost everything. But what others intended for evil, God intended for good (Gen. 50:20).  click for full text

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