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Is it wrong?   
Do you think it's wrong to cremate our loved ones? A friend says it's disrespectful to burn-up dead bodies. Is there some theological reason we should avoid cremation? Thanks…  click for full text

A Tragedy?   
With the threat of terrorism and nuclear war hanging over our heads, I'm worried about the survival of my kids and grandkids. What kind of a world will they live or die in? I worry about them…  click for full text

Its definition   
I keep hearing how people are losing their jobs because of "globalism." But, what is globalism?  click for full text

 Globalism Shunned
The Christian Worldview   
Many Christians were unaware of the dangers of globalism until the Dubai Ports World fiasco. This was the first time many became aware that foreginers - sometimes hostile - owned pieces of the U.S.  click for full text

Inflation Hedges?
I read an article about financial markets being rigged. You suggested that Christians invest in inflation hedges. But, houses are going down and losing value. So what else can we do?  click for full text

 Inflation or Deflation?
Could you please explain the difference between an inflationary depression and a deflationary depression? I still don't understand what we can do about it anyway.  click for full text

Intolerance from Christians
by Jim Gentry   
JG from Houston says: "I am constantly shocked by the lack of tolerance that many Christians exhibit for other faiths." But, what does JG mean by "tolerance?"  click for full text

 Jesus' Youth
Jim Gentry   
I read the question from JG in Houston. Of course, he is right that very little is known about Jesus' early years. JG seems to suggest that since little is known about his youth,  click for full text

Jim Gentry from Applegate   
JG from Houston says that the teachings of Jesus are perverted by humans … and I temper all my words with that thought, recognizing that there is a difference between religion&spirituality…  click for full text

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