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Apologetics - Defending the Faith

Asking Incessantly
When is it Enough?   
My best friend is a New Ager who keeps asking questions about my faith. I have given him at least 15 excellent books on apologetics. But, he still keeps asking things over and over. Advice?  click for full text

Automatic Writing
Or Biblical Inspiration?   
Is the Bible a combination of men's words and God's words? 1 Cor. 7:10-12 distinguishes between Paul's words and the Lord's opinion. So doesn't that prove the bible has men's opinions too?  click for full text

Fables&Figures of Speech?   
I wonder about the figurative nature of stories in the Bible. What about the fables? I wonder how literally these stories should be taken. (M.A.)  click for full text

Bible Legends&Tales?
Can we know the truth?   
On a T.V.show I heard an expert say the Bible is just a collection of legends and wild tales. How would you respond to this? Should Christians even try? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Bible Proofs
Quick Reference Guide   
How do we know the Bible is the truth? Do you have a short article about it? I don't have time to read books. Thanks.  click for full text

Bible Rewritten?
Hasn't the Bible been rewritten so many times by so many zealots that bigotry has found a home in religion? (A.M.)  click for full text

Is it the Truth?   
Why do you think Christianity is the truth and not Islam or Buddhism or other religions? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Why so Violent?   
Why did Jesus' death have to be so violent? What if I were to never come to a certain belief that Jesus was the son of God who died and rose again? Is my belief enough even though not felt? (K.D.)  click for full text

Deistic Doubt
Does God Care?   
Does God care about you? Is he just a watchmaker who wound up the clock of the universe and left the premises? Does he intervene in our lives today? What about now? Accidents? Failures? Death?  click for full text

Or Confrontation?   
When you tell people to avoid angry or unpleasant people, aren't you just giving in to a form of escapism? Wouldn't it be more realistic to confront those who annoy us? Isn't this just a crutch?  click for full text

Is it Real?   
How do I know my faith is "real" enough to save me? How do I know Christianity is true and Jesus really lived? How can I have faith in someone I can't see or touch? How do you make a leap of faith?  click for full text

God Is Love
Yet Vengeful, Angry,&Jealous?   
How can God be loving? Yet, God is also vengeful, angry, jealous and violent? Don't you think those qualities just reflect insecure religious leaders using fear as a means of obedience? (M.A.)  click for full text

Hell For Those Who Never Heard?
I can't believe your God would send humans to an eternal hell who never had the chance to hear the gospel. What kind of a message is that? It is so unfair! It is unloving to the rational mind.  click for full text

Hell Real?
Caution Fire Below   
Don't read this article if you claim that Jesus was a great teacher yet ridicule the reality of Hell. You may be safer not knowing… "to him who has much, more will be required" (Luke 12:48)  click for full text

Buddha's Student?   
It has always bothered me that there isn't more writing about the youth of Jesus and his own study. There are many who speculate that he studied with the Buddha. …JG from Houston  click for full text

Logic 101 - Atheist Begs the Question
Atheist Richard Dawkins says there is no evidence of intelligent design. So, Christians are delusional, infantile and stupid to believe in creationism or religion. How would you respond to his logic  click for full text

Logic 101 - Liar, Lunatic or Lord
Choose One?   
I've heard Christians say things that violate rules of logic&critical thinking. For example, C.S. Lewis says Jesus was a liar, lunatic or Lord. Choose one. But, there are other possibilities.  click for full text

Logic 101 - Pascal's Wager
Christians argue if I don't believe and I am wrong then I'm doomed. But, if they are wrong then nobody gets hurt - like a divine insurance policy. Isn't this a fallacy in logic?  click for full text

Man's Responsibility
Or God's Sovereignty?   
If God controls everything, then how can a murderer be responsible for his own actions?  click for full text

Non Christian References to Christ
Are there credible non-Christian references to Christ? A friend pointed out to me that we shouldn't use the Bible to "prove" the bible because it's circular reasoning.  click for full text

One-Minute Evidences
Supporting Christianity   
Are there short answers to questions asked about our faith? Of course! Sowing seeds - not burying seekers with info - is polite&more productive.  click for full text

Religion Separates
Unifying Possible?   
Why do you suppose religions separate people more than it unifies them? (A.M.)  click for full text

Most Attested Fact in History   
Q. I have a hard time believing in a resurrection. What proof is there?

Best News in Town! Happy Easter - Happy Resurrection!…  click for full text

Resurrection Proofs in a Nutshell
Valorie Emilio, M.A. history, UCLA   
What proofs are there that Jesus was resurrected? I'd appreciate a short answer - it seems that most books and essays are just too long for me to read at this time in my life. Thanks!  click for full text

Studying Religions Beneficial?
For Whom?   
Don't you think we should study all religions before committing to a belief in Christianity? For example, what about all the Gnostic writings in addition to eastern religions?  click for full text

Trinity Nonsense?
I want to understand the trinity. But, I just can't. It makes no sense. How can God be the Son at the same time? Why did Jesus pray to Himself? Who ran the universe if God died? (J.M.,WA)  click for full text

Trusting an Invisible God?
I have a problem placing my faith in a God I cannot see or touch. I don't trust anyone on earth to take care of me. So why should I trust this someone from another world that I can't see or touch?  click for full text

Worthless Machines
Narcissistic Christians?   
You idiots believe a loving God fine-tuned a universe just to support life. But, that is self-centered&narcissistic. Pea brains can see the universe is a flawed design&men are worthless machines!  click for full text

Belief Necessary for What?
You know what - I'm not so bad. In fact, I'm a good person - better than most anyway. So why would God send me to hell? What do I need faith for? (A.J.)  click for full text

Faith a Crutch for Losers?
My family&some friends insist Christianity is just a crutch for losers who can't make it in the real world&there are no absolutes. They ridicule me&my beliefs when we get together. Suggestions?  click for full text

 Saved from What?
I've heard Christians say, "Repent and be saved." But, what are you saved from? Repent for what? Besides, what makes you think you're saved and I'm not? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Trinity Defined
Theological Dictionary   
I wanted to give my friend a clear definition of the trinity. But, the dictionary of theology was so unclear that I gave up. What do you think of this definition?  click for full text

Trinity is Biblical?
The word "trinity" isn't even in the bible. So why is a Christian supposed to believe it to be saved? How is this scriptural or biblical?  click for full text

You're Saved&I'm Not?   
What makes you think you're saved and me&my girlfriend are not? What are you saved from anyway? Why do we need what you think you've got? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

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