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Heaven - Hell

Afterlife Sorrow?
The person who asked this question about afterlife sorrow, passed away on 2/7/10, just 3 months later. Jeff Mays encouraged us for 8 years! Thank you, Jeff.  click for full text

Age in Heaven?
How Old will we Be?   06/18/2006
How old do you think we will be in heaven? Is there anything in the bible about it? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)

Theologian Thomas Aquinas asked this same question. Are there answers? Let's see…  click for full text

Animals in Heaven
Includes Pets?   
Will there be animals with us in Heaven? What about our pets? (J.M.)  click for full text

What happens to those who never heard the gospel? Will they go to hell? I know some really kind atheists who put so-called Christians to shame. I can't believe God would condemn them.

 click for full text

Bible Study
You Can Take it with You   
Sometimes we think there is nothing we can take with us after we die. But, for Christians this isn't true. There is one thing - maybe 2 or 3 - you have today that you will have forever…  click for full text

Christians Exempt from Judgment?
I do believe God is judging America. But, are Christians exempt from judgment? Will God keep us safe from harm including terrorist attacks or financial ruin?  click for full text

 Coming to Terms with Dying
Richard Allen Reeves   
Physical death is not something anyone looks forward to. But, Christians can rest assured that the instant our bodies "quit" or die, our souls go to be with Christ in Heaven.  click for full text

Death of the Young
I read your articles "Chance?" and "Prayer and Man's Responsibility." But, why would God take the lives of innocent young people with great futures ahead of them? Purpose in that?  click for full text

Denying the Lord after Childhood Acceptance
I committed my life to Christ when I was just eight years old. But, then I went through many years of denying Christ and the existence of God. Am I still saved?  click for full text

Devil Controls Death
Is it True?   
In one of your articles you mentioned Hebrews 2:14 where it says the devil holds the power of death. Do you believe in a real devil who controls death? How?  click for full text

Disqualified Christians
Living in Pagan Culture   
According to the Barna Group, Christians embrace lifestyles every bit as "hedonistic, materialistic, self-centered, and sexually immoral as the world in general."  click for full text

Earning Rewards
Legitimate Pursuit?   
If you struggle with unbelief, we tell you in all seriousness, as surely as man is able to "clone" humans - which is sort of like resurrecting people - you will find yourself standing before Yeshua.  click for full text

Gift to Christ - Me?
I heard you once say I'm a "gift" from God to Christ. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around that one. My first response is, "Yeah…right!" I'm curious. Is that in Scripture somewhere?  click for full text

Gnashing of Teeth Hell?
I understand that someone who is "cast into the darkness outside" means to be excluded from a brightly lit celebration. But, what about the "gnashing of teeth" referenced? Isn't that "hell?"  click for full text

Hades, Tarturus&Gehenna
Is there a difference between Hades, Sheol, Gehenna and Tarturus? Does it matter if there is?  click for full text

Heaven a Metaphor?
Heaven isn't a real place, is it? The "streets of gold" and other descriptions are metaphors&allegories of our spiritual life. My pastor says the descriptions should not be taken literally.  click for full text

Heaven's Disinherited
Includes Saved Christians?   
If we are saved by grace, why does Paul warn that the covetous, immoral, etc., will not inherit the kingdom? (Eph. 5:5, 1 Cor. 6:9, Galatians 5:21). Is Paul addressing Christians here?

 click for full text

Heaven's Population 144,000?
How is it that only 144k will be allowed into heaven? Is this like a lottery? This is an obvious sign the bible is not modern…(M.A.)  click for full text

Hell A Physical Place?
Do you really believe in a literal Hell? Would a loving God send good or even bad people to such an awful place? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Judgment Loss
for Believers?   
Judgment? We're forgiven, aren't we? No consequences. No penalities. We're saved by grace. So, how can we lose?

Let's look at Dr. Benware's interpretation carefully, because maybe we CAN lose.  click for full text

Kingdom Reigning for Everyone?
I have a dumb question. If there are billions of saved Christians who will rule with Christ on earth in the Kingdom then how will there be enough people left to rule? Our planet isn't that big.  click for full text

Inequality in Heaven?   
Our pastor gave a sermon that really upset some members of our church. It was about the "metachoi" of Christ in Hebrews 3:14. Is this faith/works? Is there an "elitist" club around Christ in heaven?  click for full text

New Jerusalem
Just a Metaphor?   
Isn't the New Jerusalem city just a biblical metaphor? Churches I've attended say that it isn't a real city but is a symbolic description of heaven.  click for full text

Outer Darkness vs Lake of Fire
For Whom?   
Why is hell mentioned as a place of "outer darkness" in some passages and a "lake of fire" in others? I mean, darkness is the absence of light. So you can't have both coexisting. Can you?  click for full text

Overcomers - Criticisms
Kingdom Parables   
I read another website that criticized Nancy Missler's new book about overcomers and how some of the kingdom parables in Matthew apply to Christians. Any thoughts on this?  click for full text

Pastors Disbelieve Heaven?
Why do many pastors disbelieve a new earth and heavens (2 Peter 3:13), disbelieve a literal city called New Jerusalem (Rev 21:1-2), and disbelieve in animals populating heaven (Isaiah 65:2)?  click for full text

Purgatory Real?
Should Be If Not   
Is there such a thing as Purgatory in the Bible? I don't think it's fair that Christians can behave badly and do terrible things yet end up in an eternal, glorious heaven.  click for full text

Rapture Hope Stolen
9 Reasons Why   
I am trying to figure out where this belief of a mid and post trib rapture is coming from. It's disturbing to have believed in a pre trib rapture and to hear Christians teach we were lied to. Why?  click for full text

Reigning Over Whom?
Over what will we reign with Christ? What kind of beings are they that we have to suffer now and develop Christ-like qualities in order to rule effectively?  click for full text

Remembering Earth From Heaven?
Knowing each other?   
Isaiah 65:17 says "the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind." Does this mean we won't remember anything from our lives on earth?

Not only will we know each other, we will know  click for full text

Restoration of Relationships in Heaven
Marriage? Friends? Children?   
My wife and I were married for 48 years when she passed away. We spoke of our future life on the New Earth. Would God grant our wish of living on a farm on the New Earth? Affection possible? (LC)  click for full text

Resurrected Bodies
Just like Yeshua's?   
I've heard at the rapture our bodies will change and be like Jesus. What does that mean? How will we be like Him?  click for full text

Resurrection Body - Spiritual?
Or Physical?   
If we have real, tangible, physical resurrection bodies in heaven, why does Paul call them "spiritual" bodies in 1 Cor. 15?  click for full text

Righteous Deeds or Filthy Rags
Cleaning Up Our Works?   
I want to do good works and maybe earn rewards in heaven someday. But, I know my motives aren't pure. How can we earn rewards when I know inside that nothing I do is really good?  click for full text

Ruling in Heaven Shunned?
I Want To Go To The Stars   
I really don't want to rule over cities in heaven. I don't like politics here on earth and I'm not interested in spending an eternity "reigning with Christ" either. Is that all we will do in heaven?  click for full text

Salvation Gospel
What is it?   
What is the Gospel of salvation? Is it even in the Bible? (G.F.)  click for full text

Salvation Necessary?
Will you judge me as an outsider? Do I really need to be saved? I know that there are some core salvation issues that are common among all races and creeds. (M.A).  click for full text

Second Chances
After Death?   
Is there a second chance to become saved after death? Why would God give us only one chance? What about near death experience where people still don't believe Jesus is Lord?  click for full text

Second Death
What is it?   
The Bible tells us we die once and then comes judgment. So why does it speak of a "second death" in the book of Revelation?  click for full text

Wasted Life?
Only God Knows…   
What a waste! A useless, tragic life! That was the response when we first heard of his death. But, is this accurate?

Think again. God rewards tiny things that we deem insignificant.  click for full text

Wise Investments
In Today's Challenging Market   
We often hear, "You can't take it with you," or, "He who dies with the most toys wins." But, maybe we should intelligently use leverage and trade up in the futures market. Here's how.  click for full text

Belief Necessary for What?
You know what - I'm not so bad. In fact, I'm a good person - better than most anyway. So why would God send me to hell? What do I need faith for? (A.J.)  click for full text

Devil - A Personal Being or Force?
Do you believe the devil is real? I heard a priest say evil is just the absence of good. If you think the devil is a real being, can you explain why?  click for full text

Heaven a Boring Place?
I don't enjoy church&I can't stand the thought of singing hymns or playing harps for an eternity in heaven, either. I don't mean to be rude but I'd rather just rest in peace - unconscious.  click for full text

Heaven's Location
A Real Place?   
Does the Bible tell us where Heaven is? Where do most Christians go when we die? Is there an actual location for heaven? Or is it a state of mind? (J.M., Mt. Vernon, WA)  click for full text

Millennium vs. New Jerusalem
I'm confused over the New Jerusalem and the Millennium. What's the difference? (I just want a short, really simple answer. I don't know much about the Bible or theology). Thanks for your answers!  click for full text

Rewards for What?
I read your article about what works are burned up during judgment. But, for what are we rewarded? Where should I focus my energies?  click for full text

Suffering to Enter Heaven?
If heaven is filled with sinless people and good angels, why do we suffer here on earth so that we can become more like Christ to rule with him? We're already perfect in heaven, aren't we? (J.M. WA)  click for full text

Worthless Works
What are They?   
Can you tell me what works of ours are "burned up" at the Judgment Seat like it says in 1 Cor. 3 verses 14-15? I would like to avoid these if possible in the short time I have left.

 click for full text

Forgiven but Judged?
Why Judgment if Forgiven?   
Why do we have to be judged if we are forgiven once we accept Christ as Savior? Why does the Bible say our sins will be forgotten forever if we still have to be judged for all we do, think, or say?  click for full text

Angels - Ranks&Duties
I love the subject of Angels, especially stories of their assisting mankind, or appearing to men near death. Do you think many of these are true accounts?  click for full text

Pets in Heaven?
This question was sent to us from Jeff Mays who passed away on 2/7/10. A thank you to Jeff…it became our most popular article. Veterinarians say it offers needed hope to grieving families.  click for full text

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