“A Nation in Rebellion” – Guess Who Wrote It?

America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful,
Or so you used to be.
Land of the pilgrim’s pride,
I’m glad they’ll never see
Babies piled in dumpsters,
Abortion on demand,
Oh, sweet land of liberty,
Your house is built on sand.

Our children wander aimlessly,
Poisoned by cocaine,
Choosing to indulge their lusts,
When God has said abstain.
From sea to shining sea,
Our nation turns away
From the teaching of God’s love
And a need to always pray.

So many worldly pastors
Tell lies about our Rock,
Saying God is going broke
So they can fleece the flock.
We’ve kept God in our temples,
How callous we have grown,
When earth is but His footstool
And Heaven is His throne.

You think that God’s not angry
That our land’s a moral slum?
How much longer will He wait
Before His judgment comes?
How are we to face our God
From whom we cannot hide?
What then is left for us to do,
But stem this evil tide?

Can you guess who wrote this poem?

It was authored by Judge Roy Moore, the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama. He is the judge who refused to remove the Ten Commandments from his court room.

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