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Dateline 11/13/2023 The Shroud of Turin is considered one of the greatest mysteries of modern and ancient times. Many have an opinion about the Shroud but few have done any study.
Dr. Andrew Woods postulates that in the 250 years prior to the King James translation, there was a growing schism between traditional Catholics and the newly emerging “protestant” faction. Each group may have looked to the other as “apostates.”
What is the Incarnation? Why would God become a man? What does God want? Paul Harvey gives us a unique and direct answer.. This is one of the best illustrations to at first understand and then teach
We acknowledge that finite beings cannot hope to grasp a full understanding of our Infinite God. Thus we approach this topic confessing that we will not get it completely right.
A Reader's Comment: I don't have all the answers. In fact, I have no answers - just more questions along with my feeble little plans I create to try and live a just life in a world filled with injustice. What

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