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Once again the whole world is focused on the Holy Land! Here are some answers to questions we are frequently asked: Where did the name "Palestine" come from? Hezbollah? Hamas? Oslo Accords?
Who and what are the spiritual forces of evil the apostle Paul says we are fighting today in Eph. 6:12? Where do they come from and what is their purpose?
Is "fiat" money mentioned in the Bible? If it is what does it say about it? Why are other countries putting a lot of their currency & dollar holdings into oil, silver & gold, like China? Opinions?
It was authored by Judge Roy Moore, the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama. He is the judge who refused to remove the Ten Commandments from his court room. _____________
The Florida Department of Health has Boldly Recommended Against the COVID Booster for People Under 65 years old, Citing the Lack of Clinical Data. Watch this outstanding video on The Highwire with Del Bigtree.
Economist Martin Armstrong gives a two minute read that speaks hours on the issue of the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). It is all about the Control of Revelation chapter 13.
Dateline 11/13/2023 The Shroud of Turin is considered one of the greatest mysteries of modern and ancient times. Many have an opinion about the Shroud but few have done any study.
"...Christian history is not the context of the Biblical writers. The proper context for interpreting the Bible is not Augustine or any other church father. It is not the Catholic Church... ...It is not the Reformation or the Puritans..."