Israel – Common Question

By Dr. James Borror

Israel – Common Questions
James Borror, Th.D.   


“What is the Meaning of the Present Conflict in Israel?”

Once again the whole world is focused on the Holy Land! Here are some answers to questions we are frequently asked:

Where did the name “Palestine” Come From?

Muslims (and too often the American press) refer to the land as “Palestine,” and Jews and Christians refer to it as “Israel.” In the Bible the land that God promised the Jews is always called “Israel” and the word Palestine is never mentioned.

The name “Palestine” came from the Romans. In the second century the Jews revolted against the Romans. The Romans crushed the rebellion and sold many of the Jews into slavery and re-named Israel-Syria, “Palestinia.” A few hundred years later Muslims conquered the region and called it “Palestine.”

What is Hezbollah?

Hezbollah or Hizbollah/Hizbullah (Arabic – meaning “Party of God”) is a governmental and militant Lebanese Islamist group, with a military arm and a civilian arm, founded in 1982 to fight the Israeli Defense Forces who occupied southern Lebanon until the year 2000.

Hezbollah was inspired by the success of the Iranian Revolution and was formed primarily to wage war (both defensive and offensive) against Israel. Hezbollah’s political platform has consistently called for the destruction of Israel.

The United States and Israel say that Hezbollah receives financial and political assistance, as well as weapons and training from Iran and Syria. Syria says it supports Hezbollah, but denies supplying it with weapons.

It is the main political party and militant organization representing the Shia community, Lebanon’s largest religious bloc. Founded with the aid of Iran and funded by it, Hezbollah follows the distinctly Shite Islamist ideology developed by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Hezbollah is a recognized political party in Lebanon, participating in government. It is considered a terrorist organization by Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

What is “Hamas”?

The group first emerged in 1987 during the first Palestinian uprising as an offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Its formal name is “The Islamic Resistance Movement.” This is a terrorist organization masquerading as a political party.

1. Their vision of a Palestinian state includes taking land that all international treaties and agreements affirm belongs to Israel.

2. They insist that for peace to exist in the region, the Israeli state must be destroyed, its people murdered, and any Jews left must be “pushed into the sea.”

If there was ever any doubt about the fact that most Palestinians support terrorism, it was dispelled by the parliamentary elections held there on January 25, 2006. Some have said that the majority supported peace, but were fearful of the unelected dictator, Yaser Arafat. But, in the first Parliamentary elections in a decade, having for the first time the choice of a wide variety of parties (in the last “election” Arafat and his party were the only candidates), Palestinians chose the Terror Party.

The Palestinians knew exactly what they were getting when they elected Hamas. They have seen this “Green Party” murder innocent Jews and Muslims for decades. They have watched them sabotage every peace initiative offered by the United States, Israel and every other player on the world stage.

Neither the United States nor Israel will negotiate with Hamas. Both nations have said they will never negotiate with terrorist organizations. And in the first days after the election, the Israeli government has already said that they will not deal with a Hamas-led Palestinian government unless they renounce their stated policy of destroying Israel.

Hamas was quick to respond that they will never change their charter, which states that Israel cannot continue to exist. On Thursday, the day after the election, smirking Hamas leaders declared that they had no plans to pursue peace talks or disarm the party’s armed wing, a condition Israel has set for beginning negotiations under the internationally sponsored Road Map for Peace.

What are the Oslo Accords of 1993?

Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and others secretly negotiated the Oslo Accords, which created a Palestinian State. Oslo set in motion the following negative forces:

-Creation of a new political entity which claimed Israeli territory, water and history as its own.
-Cast in doubt Jewish rights to Israel.
-Put Israel’s capitol, Jerusalem, up for negotiation.
-Placed Arab refugee return and compensation up for negotiation.
-Created terrorist safe havens in all PA territory.
-Created terrorist passageways across Israeli territory.

Israel received Zero benefit from the Accord.

Should Israel give up “Land for Peace”?

Israel is giving up the strategic territory that protects it and has allowed a hostile army to develop in its very heartland. Israel’s leaders (and her western allies/advisors) seem to be under the illusion that the Palestinians and other combatants really want peace, when they have repeatedly told the world that their one goal is the utter destruction of Israel.

It may be that God is allowing such an illusion to prepare for the time when Israel will be so deluded that she receives the Antichrist as the “man with a plan” for peace. The nation will be so desperate that they will put their trust in Antichrist who persuades them to tear down their defense wall (Ezekiel 38) for he has guaranteed them the peace. They are willing to sell their souls and their land for a mythical peace.


The Above article was taken from Dr. Borror’s Newsletter – Dr. Borror went home to heaven this past year. He and his family are remembered and we were blessed by his teaching and his life!