Jesus an Advanced Alien – Prove He’s Not!

Jesus an Advanced Alien
Prove He’s Not   

Q. I have read your comments and historical facts. But, all of that does not prove that Jesus was not part of a project or plan by some race of beings far more advanced than we are.

CJ from Boston


Prove you Exist

OK. Tell you what – Answer this:

How do I know that YOU are not an alien? Can you prove it to me? Seriously…how do I know that you are not an alien who comes from an advanced civilization far away in our galaxy?

For that matter, how do we know that President Obama is not an alien? Maybe he came from an advanced group of beings from outer space along with you. How about Putin from Russia? Maybe Putin’s Mom is from Mars. Can you prove to me that she is not?

How do we Know People really Lived?

When we deal with history and people who really lived, we usually have to use what we know for sure (the evidence) and the law of probabilities. If it’s “too weird,” then it probably isn’t true – either that or it is not likely enough to consider it seriously.

Birth Records, Writings, Documents

In other words, if there are no witnesses, or no historical writings, or no birth records and census records, then it probably didn’t happen and isn’t true. Historians need eyewitnesses, documents, birth records, historical writings, commentaries, speeches and things like that to prove things actually happened or people really lived.

Weird Enough

It is “weird” enough that Jesus performed miracles, healed people, and rose from the dead. Why add that He was an alien, too? That makes it unbelievable! Besides, there are no records, writings, or paintings of reported UFOs or spaceships or aliens hovering around Jesus. There is no proof for that whatsoever. But, there ARE thousands of written records of his birth and life and miracles.

Impossible to Prove a Negative

Another thing to know is that it is almost impossible to “prove” a negative. A “negative” is something like this: Prove to me that you are NOT an alien.

Students who try to prove things with negatives in college logic classes get an F.

You are asking me to prove a “negative” by stating that I have NOT proved Jesus was not an alien sent by an advanced group from outer space. I am also asking you to prove a “negative” by proving to me that YOU are NOT an alien! (I know…this sounds funny).

Show me Birth Certificate & Job Records

If you show me your birth certificate and job record, should I accept that you are human? What if I said I STILL believe you are an alien? In this case, I have tried to make you prove a negative. You cannot really prove a negative to me if I refuse to believe your birth certificate and job record.

Jesus gave us His Birth Certificate & Job Record

In a way, Jesus is showing you his birth certificate and job record. But, you may be refusing to believe the written historical records that are available to you if you want to look at them.

Have you ever owned a show dog with a record of his pedigree? Well, the book of Matthew shows you Jesus’ “pedigree,” his family geneology. It is far more “proof” of his existence than your own birth certificate.

Furthermore, the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John give you an amazingly complete job record of Jesus, too. Matthew even knew shorthand because he worked for the government as a tax collector and had to keep detailed records. So Matthew was able to transcribe the Sermon on the Mount given by Jesus, word for word! That’s a good “job record!”

Would you Die for a Lie?

Another thing to consider is this:

If you tried to convince me you ARE an alien, would you be willing to die for it? Many people die for what they believe or know is the truth. But, they will not allow themselves to be beheaded or executed for something they “know” is a lie if they can help it!

I wouldn’t. Would you?

This is one reason why the Apostles are believable. They were all put to death (except for one, John) because they continued to believe that Jesus is Lord who rose from the dead. They were put to death for their belief. Trust me…they would not die on purpose for a lie!

Interesting Aliens

Finally, can you tell us where you heard that Jesus came from advanced beings? It would help us to know how to answer your questions. Because in a sense, Jesus DID come from an advanced being – his name is God.


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Authors Valorie Emilio holds an MA in History from UCLA having specialized in Christian origins. Ken received his MA in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University.