Vaccine Shedding – Are you Kidding Me?

Shedding Hurting Unvaccinated?

If you’re new to “shedding,” watch Dr. Lee Merritt, Frontline Doctor who explored a taboo subject early on. Observe how she thinks and frames her subject. She’s brilliant! This video helps you to understand how a fearless, gifted woman asks questions, demands good answers and develops a subject few professionals dared to tackle back in 2020. Later, you can watch other videos whose doctors explain “lipid nano particles” (and other things in the shots) that you have seen in Sci Fi movies (except that the current vaccines are faction – not fiction, today).

For example, Dr. Merritt asks if the vaccinated can infect the unvaxxed? How? Why are post-menopausal women bleeding again after hanging around someone who has just been vaxxed? Why are very young girls beginning menstruation way too early once they are exposed to older vaccinated menstruating girls? Is the pharmaceutical industry treating humans as lab rats who are given meds that spread infertility among their kind? Is it a self- disseminating vaccine? How? Why?

As time has passed Dr. Merritt discovered that the vaccines give you genetic material to build spike proteins in your body that do NOT remain at the injection site. They are dangerous and can spread throughout the body causing ongoing problems in almost every system including the lungs, kidneys, brain, liver, blood and so on. Alarmingly, vaccinated persons may spread to others their spike proteins and other potential infectious agents from bodily secretions such as sweat, coughing, sneezing, breathing on or touching things as they attend social functions and circulate among close friends.

What can you do? Learn from others and remain teachable. Perhaps follow Dr. Merritt’s protocols at The Medical or Dr. Lee Vliet’s recommendations at Truth for Learn from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and other doctors who have done their homework. Pray and become discerning in finding truth. The choice is yours.

Video Update

Dr. Lee Merritt and Alex Newman Shed Some Light – What is Shedding? Is it Real? Shedding after you get the Jab? Dr. Merritt and Alex discuss this outrageous possibility. These are two are of our best “go to” commentators for many topics. If you do not know them it is time you did.