KIDS Bible Survey Course – Veggie Tales Creator Phil Vischer

Recommended! Amazing Bible Survey Course for KIDS

Many Christian kids grew up with lovable Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato. Phil Vischer had created VeggieTales to instruct infants and youngsters about admirable character traits like love, compassion, forgiveness and honesty. But, Mr. Vischer recently asked himself if he had spent 10 years trying to influence children’s behaviors without giving them valuable insights into Christianity?

Biblical Canon & Theological Terms?

So with his creative mind Phil Vischer worked feverishly on a new children’s project. It was an entertaining format to teach the overall story and history of the Bible including valuable lessons on understanding theological terms like “redemption” and “sanctification.” It even included information about the Bible canon and why certain books are included or not included among various denominations. In short, it’s a Bible Survey course for kids.

Mission Kids Deserve the Best!

Wow! I had spent months researching the best teaching DVDs for our rescue mission youngsters. After all, these kids really need God’s love and stability in their lives. We already knew that homeless kids tend to be more insecure, weepy, anxious and hyperactive than housed children. So it has been our goal to provide them with their own Children’s Chapel where caring Christian teachers from our community can help them to learn about God’s love and care.

“What’s in the Bible?” Series for Kids (& Adults)

I have to admit – I was “blown away” by Phil Vischer’s new “What’s in the Bible” set of programs. It’s a series of 13 DVDs, two sessions each, starring Buck Denver and a great cast of puppet characters. You’ve got Buck Denver the news man, a goofy piano-playing pastor, a pirate who studiously teaches history, and the serious cranky-like Sunday School lady. You even have musical appearances of Rhett & Link, a catatonic comedy-duo whose flat expressions are downright hilarious.

Teaching Theological Concepts to Kids

How does Phil Vischer teach things like verbal inspiration or the days in Genesis chapter one? With humor and simplicity. God breathed into the writers His ideas but they used their own words. In the background you might hear quips that are just plain funny when it comes to highly debated issues like the Genesis days! Get ready for things like, “Stay away from that with a 10 foot pole,” or “Don’t go there.” Then Vischer quickly presents several sides representing those hotly contested areas. (If it’s important to you, then Vischer leaves adult viewers freedom to expand upon those areas with their own kids).

Gleeful Howls & Hoots

The entire series is entertaining and fun. While I walked on my treadmill I found myself singing along with the opening stanza:

“Do you know what’s in the Bible?
Is it true, is it re-li-a-ble?”

I laughed when the puppet tried to say “Septuigint” and sneezed, “Sep-too-oo-a-gint.” Although I have an MA in history, I was learning new stuff in these teaching DVDs…seriously. By the way, I’m over 65. But, I laughed like a kid!

Vischer’s Sources

In one particular interview Vischer says that his program is “a basic overview of the entire Bible with some key apologetic concepts to give kids (and their parents) a sort of ‘Christianity 101’ preparation for a life as a Jesus follower” (Smethurst, 1). Vischer used the ESV Study Bible and John Schwarz’s Handbook of the Christian Faith for resources. Can’t beat that. Top-notch materials.

For all you parents, grandparents, pastors and youth workers out there, just watch the first “What’s in the Bible?” DVD. You can pick it up at your local Christian bookstore or through Who knows? You might become “hooked” and decide to show your kids the entire series. It’s worth it!


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Valorie Emilio teaches and works with women at the Gospel Rescue Mission in Grants Pass, Oregon, where her husband, Ken, serves as Director. She holds an MA in history from UCLA focusing upon Christian origins.