The Unseen Realm – Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible

“…Christian history is not the context of the Biblical writers. The proper context for interpreting the Bible is not Augustine or any other church father. It is not the Catholic Church, it is not the Rabbinic movements of late antiquity and the Middle Ages. It is not the Reformation or the Puritans. It is not evangelicalism in any of its flavors. It is not the modern world at all, or any period of its history. The proper context for interpreting the Bible is the context of the biblical writers-the context that produced the Bible.

There is a battle that you are engaged in whether or not you are aware of it. In this world war for dominion there are very real enemies who have been on this earth from ages past. You and I are both pawns and prizes. If you claim to believe the Bible, then you need to get into the heads of the ancients. What they knew and experienced first hand is vital for an understanding of the madness today.

Prepare to have your world shaken… To quote the great John Loeffler, “Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko!”