“Finitum Non-Capax Infinitum” – The Finite Cannot Contain the Infinite

We acknowledge that finite beings cannot hope to grasp a full understanding of our Infinite God. Thus we approach this topic confessing that we will not get it completely right. That said, we affirm the doctrine of the Triune God as taught in Trinitarian Theology. That is, the Trinity is comprised of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – each being fully God. This is called the “ontological Trinity.” God the Father, Son and Spirit are one in nature and substance. At the same time, within God there exist three distinct persons, evidenced by their dealings with creation, as revealed in Scripture. This is called the “economical Trinity.” Each member of the Trinity performs different functions in creation, salvation, and redemptive history. The essence or nature of God must not be confused with the works of God. Who God is, differs from What God does..” Confused? “Finitum Non-Capax Infinitum” This is not a cop-out, simply an admission of our limitations.

We deny Arianism – which states that the Son was created and is not equal with the Father. We deny Subordiantionism – which teaches that the Son is subordinate to the Father, divine but not equal. We deny the Oneness Doctrines, sometimes referred to as Modalism – which teaches the Father is One, but manifests Himself in three different forms or modes as Father, Son and Spirit.