Theology – One Bite at a Time

A Theology – Balaam: Enemy of God

The story of Balaam can teach us much about the character of God and the deadly influence of False Teachers. Balaam was considered by the Jews as one of the greatest and most powerful enemies of Israel. He was also considered a deadly foe by Peter, Jude and Jesus.

Theology - Biblical Imagery In II Peter

The Bible is more than a book of ideas and doctrine. It is a book of symbols, images and motifs. Everywhere we look in Scripture the use of Biblical Imagery is present. It is a key method the writers used to convey their message. This paper takes a brief look at Biblical Imagery, its effective use in interpretation, and the theology communicated by it.

A Theology of the Logos

What is the cosmic glue that holds everything together? How and why did God create the universe? These are questions which have puzzled mankind from ages past. In this paper we will explore the Logos. To the Greeks it meant one thing; to the Hebrews another. But it was not until the Christian Logos that these two concepts became blended into the New Testament Logos of God – Jesus Christ.

Hesed - The Lovingkindess of God

We hear the phrase “God is Love.” But just what does that mean? How far will God go to “love” His children? Will He discipline them – even kill them? The Biblical answer will shock you. Can God suffer? Can His heart “churn” within Him over His wayward children. Here again the Biblical answer is breath-taking. This paper will look at “Hesed” translated into English as The Lovingkindness of God. You will never look at God’s love the same way again.

The Didache - A Theology of the Early Church

What did the first Christians believe and practice concerning the Sabbath, Abortion, Magic, Baptism, the Lord’s Supper and Prayer and the End Times? Some of the answers to these and other questions are found in The Didache. This document was probably written as early as 80 AD! Reading the Didache will both fascinate and challenge you!

The Law - Jewish/Gentile Tension in the New Testament

“We are not under the Law.” This is a phrase heard constantly from Christian pulpits today. But do we really understand what that means? Does it mean we are “lawless?” The New Testament records that a great deal of tension existed during the first century between Christian Jews and Gentiles. This paper will explore that tension and the implications for Christian behavior in light of the clear teaching of the Bible that says we are most definitly under some kind of Divine Law!

A Theology of Biblical Types

For thousands of years the use of Biblical Types were one of the principle tools used by the Church for presenting the Gospel. Yet in the past 100 years, liberal scholorship aided in part by some conservative theologians have all but discounted this vital component of Bible study. But times are changing and Biblical Types are making a comeback. This paper explores Biblical Types and presents them as valid and vital elements for understanding the Scriptures.

A Theology of God-Centered Suffering

Can God Suffer? Does God Suffer? We know that Jesus suffered, but does the Father suffer as well? And if so – how? Exploring the Biblical answer to this question will present an understanding of our Lord that is staggering!

A Theology of Rewards in Heaven

All Christians must appear before our Lord to give an account for the things we do and fail to do as we live our lives – here and now. The Biblical presentation of Rewards in Heaven is a study which every believer needs to discover.