Boosters Not Recommended by Florida Health Dept – Plus TURBO CANCER TROUBLE? – Videos

Del Bigtree hosts The High website. Take a look as the narrative of the safety of the COVD Booster is falling apart. People getting the Booster is reported at less than 3%!! This important video runs over one hour long, but well worth your time!

The Florida Department of Health has Boldly Recommended Against the COVID Booster for People Under 65 years old, Citing the Lack of Clinical Data. Dr. Joseph Ladapo Joins the Program To Discuss Why; The FDA Has Approved the COVD Booster With Virtually No Data. Jefferey Jaxen Breaks Down The Shocking Numbers They DO Have; A New ‘Fruit Film’ Lacks appeal; Oncologist, Dr. William Makis, Explores Potential, and Very Possible, Pathways by Which mRNA Vaccines Are Triggering ‘Turbo Cancers.’ Guest experts: Joseph A. Ladapo, M.D., Ph.D., William Makis, M.D.

The “Case” builds in the search for the truth. Dr. Ryan Cole is yet another world class pathologist who has presented evidence to the US Congress, and European Union.

Check out the video below to get information on the disturbing increases in fast forming cancers possibly from the CV-19 shot. Greg Hunter is the founder of