Will They Shut Down Gold & Cryptocurrencies with CBDC?

Armstrong Economics

By Martin Armstrong

WEF Schwab You Will Own Nothing

There is no question that the real problem here is that the financial system is collapsing. These morons have been borrowing since World War II with ZERO intention of ever paying off the debt. They are running out of buyers. Attacking Russia and China has divided the world economy, which may be the Neocons’ goal, but they do not care about the country or the people. They are just sick individuals engaging in hate crimes. Now they are running out of buyers for their endless borrowing. They NEED to default on the debt, and it is what Schwab is really saying you will own nothing and be happy.

Schwab WEF End of Democracy

Do not forget that Christine Lagarde, who is now the head of the European Central Bank, got where she is because of Schwab. She was on his board of trustees. The same is true about the head of the IMF and the head of the EU. The World Economic Forum has infiltrated everything. They are pushing for the end of any possible right to vote. We, the people, are far too stupid to understand the world as only they can. After all, they see themselves as a demigod since they are above everyone else.

Democracy is how Trump came to power. They are not about to allow a non-career politician to ever take power. This is why they are attacking RFK Jr. Democracy becomes evil “populism” when the people vote against the establishment. This is also why they are doing everything possible against Trump. If that does not work, they will assassinate him as they did to JFK.

Bitcoin and Gold

If you are going to play poker, you better know who you are playing against. Do they bluff? Can you tell? Those who blindly think that somehow cryptocurrencies will be the alternative to CBDCs are too caught up in their own BS to open their eyes. This is all about total control. There is NO WAY that these people will allow any private cryptocurrency to complete. In addition, the controls that Lagarde is talking about will also include shutting down the purchase of gold and silver post-2024 in addition to donating to any independent political effort as Trudeau did to the truckers. He was just following the directive of his mentor – the WEF.

This is a game for ultimate power. You will not be allowed to buy or sell without CBDC and permission of the powers above. To them, there is no God – the same as Marx shut down all religions. That is what we face going into 2032. They will fail, for freedom will surface, and we are looking at massive civil unrest and, ultimately, revolutions worldwide. Any alternative will threaten their power.