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          Matthew 4:4

Mueller's Mission
George Mueller lived in the mid 1800s. Yet, can we learn valuable lessons from his ministry today?  click for full text

Children Endangered by Gospel?
Do Christian groups rob children of innocence and fill them with a negative self-image and aversion to critical thinking? Does the gospel teach kids to fear hell and damnation?  click for full text

KIDS Bible Survey Course
Veggie Tales Creator Phil Vischer   
A teaching series for our homeless kids at the Gospel Rescue Mission in Grants Pass, Oregon. Funny, Priceless, Creative and Loving. Check it out for your own kids, grandbabies or Sunday School.  click for full text

Homeless Segments
Who are they?   
We used to see homeless people as white, male, drunks or drug addicts in their fifties. Now at least half are families with kids. Who are they? Where do they stay? How do they survive?  click for full text

Ask An Elder
Theology One Bite At A Time
About Us  click for full text

Matthew - Revolutionary Levi
As a skilled shorthand writer Matthew likely took down the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus' parables word-for-word. Look at it as a court stenographer's literal transcription of Jesus' speeches!  click for full text

Logic 101 - Atheist Begs the Question
Atheist Richard Dawkins says there is no evidence of intelligent design. So, Christians are delusional, infantile and stupid to believe in creationism or religion. How would you respond to his logic  click for full text

Persecution & Suffering
A Philosophy   
What is your own personal philosophy of persecution and suffering as it regards Christians? What is behind it all? Why does God allow it?  click for full text

Genesis Tablet Theory
News in Stone?   
A shocking revelation about Genesis & ancient clay-tablets. RK Harrison (Wycliffe College) & DJ Wiseman (famed Assyriologist) tell us a stunning truth.  click for full text

Smoking Ban Fair?
I had to go to a Christian facility to help get my life back together. But, they don't allow smoking - not even outside. This is really tough for lifetime smokers. Some of us get kicked out. Fair?  click for full text

Reigning Over Whom?
Over what will we reign with Christ? What kind of beings are they that we have to suffer now and develop Christ-like qualities in order to rule effectively?  click for full text

Recovery Programs
Are they Biblical?   
What do you think of "recovery" based on secular 12-step programs?

Not much! Recovery programs teach people that sin is sickness. A disease model becomes the focus - not the need for repentance  click for full text

Genome Scientist Finds God
Chuck Missler Ph.D.   
If all the chemical letters in the human body were printed in books, it would fill the Grand Canyon 50 times!...a fertilized egg's info would fill 1000 books, 500 pgs. thick, with microscopic print..  click for full text

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