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Wilderness Generation Saved?
Destiny of Old Testament Faithful   
What happens to Old Testament people of the Jewish faith? Are they saved? Or will they go to hell because they don't know Christ?  click for full text

Shroud of Turin - Quantum Hologram
Resurrection Photo in 3D?   
The Turin Shroud possesses so many bizarre features that it almost defies natural explanation. Could those features be a result of a nuclear event from the resurrection itself?  click for full text

Resurrecting Extinct Animals
Science of De-extinction   
Breath-taking scientific progress! Who stands to benefit the most from the new science of de-extinction?  click for full text

Resurrection Proofs in a Nutshell
Valorie Emilio, M.A. history, UCLA   
What proofs are there that Jesus was resurrected? I'd appreciate a short answer - it seems that most books and essays are just too long for me to read at this time in my life. Thanks!  click for full text

Rulers on Earth - The Good, Bad and Ugly
What's wrong with our governors, mayors and leaders in America today? Why have they turned against Christianity or anything we know as good, kind and noble?  click for full text

Rapture Verse Proves Pre-Trib Position?
Or Post-Trib views?   
For decades we were confused by a statement in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 which both pre-trib and post-trib bible teachers used to "prove" their position. Which is it?  click for full text

Prophecy School of Jesus
Olivet or Temple Teachings?   
Complementary information but different audiences - is this why the gospels cannot be harmonized? To do so may lead readers astray.  click for full text

Last Generation
Luke 21 vs. Matthew 24   
Why does the symbol of the fig tree and rebirth of the nation of Israel begin the last generation Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:34? Can we harmonize end-times descriptions in Matthew 24 & Luke 21?  click for full text

Holes in your Head
Brain Affected by Thoughts?   
New research reveals that unforgiving, resentful thoughts cause the "memory trees" in a brain's dendrites to become sparse and thorny. The memory trees look as if dark abscesses have taken root! Ouch!  click for full text

Spiritual Forces of Evil
Who and what are the spiritual forces of evil the apostle Paul says we are fighting in Eph. 6:12? Where do they come from and what is their purpose?

New scholarly research gives fascinating answers!  click for full text

One-Minute Evidences
Supporting Christianity   
Are there short answers to questions asked about our faith? Of course! Sowing seeds - not burying seekers with info - is polite & more productive.  click for full text

Ask An Elder
Theology One Bite At A Time
About Us  click for full text

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